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Questions related to the process of working in an organized and active way towards a goal from a political standpoint (an example could be a politician campaigning to run for office).

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Was Gerald Ford's experience of losing a close election after being given a chance to correct a speech and failing to do so, unusual?

In a 1976 debate with Governor Jimmy Carter, (sitting) President Gerald Ford (in)famously said, "Eastern Europe is not under Soviet domination.",...
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US Politics, any grass root like campaign fighting the new tax increase

I just found out from my employer that our social security tax just increase by 2%, which were never publicized as much in the media. I live in NY, a very liberal state, so it would make sense why it ...
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What is the political significance of FEC fundraising deadlines?

Every so often, I receive mass emails from political campaigns urging me to make a donation in advance of an FEC fundraising deadline. They claim that it's really important for them to reach some ...
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What arguments can be given in favour of financial barriers for participation in elections or electoral debates?

From this comment comes the quote: on a practical level, if you suck as a politician THAT much that you can't raise a paltry $50k in a country with 300Mil population, you clearly don't have enough ...
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Does campaign spending correlate with popular vote?

In the comments to this question, a small debate emerged about the influence of money on politics. Therefore my question: Does campaign spending correlate with popular vote? The answer might depend ...
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In the US, is the ban on coordination between Super PACs and candidates effective?

In the US, Super PACs may not make contributions to candidate campaigns or parties, but may engage in unlimited political spending independently of the campaigns (quote from Wikipedia). However, the ...
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What prevents a winning candidate from breaking their campaign promise after the election?

In theory, the citizens vote for candidate X because they share their electoral offers or promises, but sometimes those candidates don't do what they said. So my question is: What prevents a winning ...
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