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Questions tagged [capitalism]

Question related to an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

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Do chemical-biological problems benefit capitalism?

Mark Fisher, in his book Capitalist Realism, writes: The current ruling ontology denies any possibility of a social causation of mental illness. The chemico-biologization of mental illness is of ...
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How could the influence of lobbies be nullified in a capitalist society?

One of the defects of current capitalism is that it causes the concentration of power in a few actors who, at some point, decide to influence the politics of countries and organizations seeking their ...
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Why do we witness a return to strong traditional gender norms in Western societies today? [closed]

Why do we witness a return to strong traditional gender norms in Western societies today? Indeed, for women, it is translated in the interest for the figure of the witch. See the representative (best-...
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Why free-market capitalism has become more associated to the right than to the left, to which it originally belonged?

If I am not mistaken, classical liberalism, among which economic liberalism (laissez-faire), was at the beginning supported by the left (Benjamin Constant 1767-1830, Alexis de Tocqueville 1805-1859, ...
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In Marxist view: does liberal democracy increase alienation of workers?

In Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 Marx writes: First, that the work is external to the worker, that it is not part of his nature; and that, consequently, he does not fulfill himself ...
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"Communism in the Soviet Union, China, etc., wasn't real communism" - is that true? [closed]

To my knowledge, communism is a classless society in which everyone contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. When people bring up the Soviet Union or China as examples where ...
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Are there research estimates of Capitalistic terror? [closed]

In this answer there is an estimation of communist terror in different countries. And there is a huge amount of work and estimation related to this. Looks like that this work is actively sponsored by ...
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How can the government improve employment in a capitalistic society? [closed]

When unemployment rates are rising, the blame is often put on the government, and it is said that "if the government were more competent, we'd be employed". I'm trying to understand this ...
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Is Immanuel Wallerstein's theory on capitalism and cognitive dissonance empirically verifiable?

In the past I have heard people assert that racism is caused by capitalism, and this has never really made sense to me. However, this answer references a theory by Immanuel Wallerstein that explains ...
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Is Corporatocracy a result of Corporatism?

The way I understand it so far (and I could be wrong so fact-checking appreciated): capitalism can lead to corporatism, which can lead to corporatocracy? The nuances are tricky and have lots of ...
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What are the similarities and differences between Amazon's business model and China's approach to managing its tech businesses?

Background: CNN's Jamie Dimon says he regrets joking about the Chinese Communist Party says of JPMorgan (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon: At one point, Dimon compared the political and economic approaches in ...
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Are modern state governments just a group that administers the businesses of the bourgeoisie? [closed]

I recently read the Communist Manifiesto and in the very fist chapter the authors claim that The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole ...
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Why do some (North Americans) consider Europe socialist?

Recently I see more and more posts on social media (mainly FB) in which people advocate socialism (and sometimes communism) or are anti capitalist. When mentioning examples (after being asked or when ...
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Confused about the term 'Bourgeoisie'!

Bourgeoisie is defined by, the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes As refer to Google define, Here, I see it actually means the ...
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Are the differences between capitalism's and socialism's analysis of resource distribution fairness fundamental?

I have always understood a (broadly speaking) capitalist, free market approach to economics to rest on the notion that a resource distribution is fair in light of how closely it correlates the ...
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How can wages/income be aligned with social value production?

Many people would argue that nurses provide more value to society than investment bankers*, yet the latter position is paid significantly more than the former. This fact is often lamented. My question ...
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Is there any fundamental difference between communism and corporations?

I was just thinking that essentially, a communist country like Maoist China did not seem very different than a very large corporation. Both are centrally managed, tightly control their citizens/...
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Why did communism not succeed in the USA?

Did the Communist Party in the USA, or any other ideological party other than capitalism, ever gain considerable power in the USA, and why is capitalism still the leading ideology in America?
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Can socialism and capitalism coexist in the same country?

I had a discussion with a friend because I would argue that Denmark is not a socialist country. We have a welfare state and therefore pay high taxes, however we have a free market and privately owned ...
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Has there ever been a true instance of unregulated capitalism?

Has there ever been any place that used unregulated capitalism? No regulations. No restrictions. No government interference.
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Why is there a need to prevent a racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted vendor from discriminating who they sell to?

Background The issue of discriminating who you sell to in the United States seems to be premised on the fact that businesses are public accomodations according to this article: Whether you post a ...
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If drug prices are much higher in US, and the US government prohibits import, why not just import online for all personal uses? [closed]

If medication prices in the US are higher than in other countries, why not import from there? This is a natural extension of this question. Basically Drug prices in US are high A Free market could ...
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Would the following system be Socialist, or Capitalist?

Socialism is defined as "worker control of productive capital". Capitalism is defined as "private control of productive capital". The system I'm having trouble categorizing, turns everyone into a ...
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Why aren't nationalizations in Russia described as socialist?

I read in a 2015 PIIE brief titled "Russia’s Economy under Putin: From Crony Capitalism to State Capitalism" that: After nationalizing Yukos, the Russian government started taking control of ...
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What reasons are there for a Capitalist to oppose a 100% inheritance tax?

As I understand it, most capitalists would argue that the reason the rich deserve their wealth is that they have worked for it, and the fact that they have managed to gain such wealth shows that they ...
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What are other samples of states/provinces/governments that are governed like private companies now?

Are there any variants of capitalism that treat states themselves like some form of corporation? In that question, someone asks if there are states that's governed like corporation. Notable samples ...
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What exactly is "Human Capitalism" and does it conflict with the function of capitalism?

Recently Andrew Yang has announced his run for the 2020 Presidential election. He calls himself a "human capitalist" Now, I like his ideas generally - but I do not understand what exactly "human ...
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What is capitalism's answer to constant economic growth hitting the limit of the planet's finite resources?

We keep hearing a lot about economic growth in the media and this answer shows us why it is so important: Therefore, we have three options: A constant increase in unemployment. (Generally ...
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Why does nobody consider science or capitalism sacrosanct? [closed]

I do not know any country in the world that jails people for "blaspheming" against science. People are free to say evolution is just a theory. Nobody says "that's blasphemy, jail him". We may think ...
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Reasons given by free market advocates against a carbon tax?

I see people who like free markets have two main reasons why: one due to the efficiency, the other due to the freedom, or a combination of both. For the people who value efficiency, why not support a ...
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How does Capitalism facilitate happiness? [closed]

I would like to preface this with the disclaimer that I am fresh to Stack Exchange, so any pointers on what may have been a better Stack for my question, or simply how to better frame it, are greatly ...
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What is the capitalist answer to rail passenger transportation being non financially profitable?

In developed countries, rail transport is usually provided at financial loss, and needs to be subsidised by governments. In countries who have refused to do so (mostly on the American continent), ...
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The state's answer to the automation of job [duplicate]

Now we've learned the capitalist's answer to automation, what could be a democratic state's answer to it? automation means, same or more work can be done in less time state is faced with more ...
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Should private citizens be legally allowed to sell their citizenship to a prospective buyer? [closed]

Some states give dividend to citizenships; there are movements for that. Some, like Vanuatu, allow people to buy citizenship; there are movements for that too. For background, there are a number of ...
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Why do few/no countries claim capitalism as their ideology?

Think about it: capitalism has brought so much prosperity to so many people. Yet no country claims our national ideology is capitalism - none that I know of. Americans can proudly claim they are ...
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Max Weber and Confucianism

Did Max Weber discuss possible pragmatic economic advantages of Confucianism (or broadly speaking Asian values) at some point? Max Weber famously authored The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of ...
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Are capitalism and communism equivalent in attributable mass murders? [closed]

When the topic of communism comes up in the US, most automatically dismiss it due to the tens or hundreds of millions who died at the hands of communist regimes. As a counterpoint, some say that the ...
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Are there any measures to limit inheritance in capitalistic countries?

I'm not asking here whether this should be done or not and not going to argue here that it's fair/unfair. Currently in most (if not all) market economy countries people are allowed to inherit ...
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Under Chicago School economics, will monopolies naturally go away?

I have two questions regarding monopolies in a capitalistic society: According to Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, among other Chicago School economists, under purely market forces monopolies will ...
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Is it possible to be a socialist and a capitalist?

I don't know how to label my economic belief system, and it's frustrating when getting into discussions with other people. I believe in Capital. I believe that people have a right to earn more than ...
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Does socialism require capitalism, or can it be a standalone ideology?

In short: Within the fundamental model of societal growth, does socialism only follow after capitalism, or is socialism philosophically capable of standing alone as a principle ideology during the ...
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Who formulated the theory that states actively promoted capitalism?

The mainstream view of capitalism is that it is a "natural" system that emerges almost automatically, as long as the government doesn't intervene and merely fights criminals and so forth. But I ...
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Is there an equivalent of the horseshoe theory for economic systems stating that monopolized capitalism = communism?

The horseshoe theory states that societies organised by the extreme right and the extreme left would look alike. It is also applied to various other opposed groups (religious, nationalists, ...). Is ...
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Are there countries with true open-market railways?

Over here Ben Southwood makes a case against nationalizing the British train lines: [..] Returning it to centralised state control would be a step backwards and a mistake. Instead we ...
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What is the capitalist answer to automation?

While we are not currently at total automation, we are inching closer. An Oxford Study from 2013 indicates by 2033 upwards of 45% of our job force could be automated. This automation, causing a ...
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Do Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch or others) in US own their means of production?

For Amish community members in USA, are their means of production (land, tools, possibly cattle) owned by individual community members/families; or by the whole community? By "owned", I mean "...
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Would a communist society work? [closed]

I'm pretty sure it would not work immediately after transforming from our current state, but surely over time we should see change, right? Are there any examples of when it has/hasn't worked?
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Why there is so much neglect and even the hate of socialism/communism as the postcapitalism? [closed]

Marxism teaches that the development of technology leads to the new forms of social and economic orders. There have been already primitive communism, slavery, feudalism and now the capitalism is the ...
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Are there any countries with laws that require maximizing profits?

It is a common trope I see claimed quite often similar to: Individuals and interest groups are governed by laws that demand maximum profit where possible. These laws are inherent in the monetary ...
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Market based solutions to social problems [closed]

Thinking that the government should support organisations or have schemes that go against 'market forces' - ie. financed through taxation - is socialist, and is the first step on the road to tyranny ...
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