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A caucus is a type of [primary] where voters show up in person to support a candidate. Unlike a simple vote, caucuses often allow changing of votes and multiple rounds, as well as non-standard methods of selecting winners.

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What exactly does one do and not do as an independent US senator who "caucuses with the Democrats"?

Politico's June 15, 2023 ‘Blood on your hands’: Duckworth blasts Sinema for pilot training proposal contains the following sentence: Sinema, who caucuses with the Democrats, did not immediately have ...
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How are Presidential candidates, who run for the party ticket in Primaries and Caucuses, shortlisted?

I am not from USA and pertaining to some question I am trying to address, I was curious about how the Presidential candidates are selected or shortlisted for Primaries and Caucuses. Because it's not ...
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Iowa Satellite voting and delegate awards

I "think" I understand that delegate allocation (for the Iowa Dem caucus) is not uniform, that is to say that it may take 200 votes in one precinct to obtain 1 delegate, while in another it may ...
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Will the current SDE difference between Buttigieg and Sanders translate into delegates?

I'm looking at NYT's Iowa caucus results table (paywall, but you can still see the table in the back), as of right now: Buttigieg 26.7% SDEs, 11 pledged delegates Sanders 25.4% SDEs, 11 pledged ...
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Does the "viability threshold" in a caucus apply only to the 1st preference?

Currently, only about 71% of the Iowa caucus results have been reported. Joe Biden's vote total is sitting at about 15.6%. If, after the remaining results are reported, his total drops below 15%, ...
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Why was Mitt Romney initially incorrectly reported as the winner of the GOP Iowa caucus in 2012?

I keep reading this bit that Mitt Romney was initially incorrectly reported as the winner of the GOP caucus in 2012, but I can't seem to find much in the way of details why that happened, e.g. in WaPo:...
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Why is it so difficult to collect Iowa caucus results as opposed to election results?

There's currently a controversy over the Iowa caucus results, where it's taking several days to finalize them due to a "glitchy app" preventing volunteers from submitting the results immediately after ...
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How do those running a US caucus vote?

This might seem like a stupid question. Say you're a precinct chair or a volunteer. Can you vote in the caucus you're helping conduct? Seems like some volunteers... like door captains have duties to ...
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How does the math for the Iowa Democratic Caucuses work?

I'm confused by the math used for Iowa caucuses. Here's an example: So there were 70 attendees. A total of 8 delegates assigned to the caucus But after taking into account viability... 9 votes were ...
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What was the Caucus App supposed to be used for?

As many of you may know, the Iowa Caucus results are delayed, and many are citing the failure of an app that was involved in the process.
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