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An official, often periodic, accounting of the population or other areas (e.g., housing, agriculture, etc.) of a country. Include a country tag.

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US Census Survey doesn't seem to ask about most debt-- How is US Gov't getting debt info?

I just received a 2023 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, which took over an hour to fill out. The survey asked a slew of questions, in order to "give our country an up-to-...
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Apportionment: Where is the actual language for "the method known as the method of equal proportions" in the U.S.C.?

In the United States Congress, there are two legislative bodies: the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two bodies are structured differently from the very beginning in Article 1 of the U....
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What rights do I have with regards to legal identity? [closed]

This is how I can imagine the bargain you make as a citizen with your government. If you want inclusion in the benefits of a state, you forfeit some of your personal freedom by agreeing to be limited ...
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What sort of political discussions are US ancestry data used for?

In this question, it came up that the U.S. census, in its community survey, asked people to tell not only about their ethnicity ("race"), but also about the nationality of their ancestors. ...
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How would I find Ancestry/Ethnicity data by state on

I am trying to find out, on a state-by-state (city/county as well, if possible) basis, what the population makeup is based on ancestry/ethnicity (i.e. Polish). For example, "what percentage of ...
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Why doesn't the US Census consider Hispanic a race?

Since the 1970 Census the US Census has tracked Hispanic population under a separate question titled "Hispanic origin", saying "Hispanics may be of any race". This doesn't make ...
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Is there any example of gender identity replacing sex at birth in a census, outside of UK?

According to this article, gender identity might de facto replace the sex at birth based on responder choice: Scotland’s chief statistician recently issued guidance stating that data on sex should ...
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Why does the U.S. Census deliberately transfer population to neighboring census blocks?

I am involved a little in both Vermont House redistricting and Burlington City Council redistricting. I have noticed, at least two census blocks that the Census is clearly over reporting population. ...
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What is the rationale for the United Kingdom statistics body not allowing black people to identify as having an English ethnicity in its surveys?

Ethnicity The concept of ethnicity has been described by the UK's highest court in this way For a group to constitute an ethnic group... it must, in my opinion, regard itself, and be regarded by ...
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How much can a US state grow by relative to the nation as a whole and still lose a seat?

Minnesota gained 7.6% over 2010's census, and the US as a whole gained 7.4%. New York gained 4.2%, which is the state that the seat would have gone to according to multiple reports if it had just 90 ...
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How could a US state, party or rep. go about the process of contesting the loss of a seat in the House of Representatives? (slim census margin)

The title of CNN's New York to lose House seat -- and an Electoral College vote -- after falling 89 residents short in census count sums up the situation as does Axios' States that voted for Biden ...
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When will 2021 UK census results be published?

According to The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for planning and carrying out the census for England and Wales. The next census will take place on ...
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Where can I get census data containing details about each person of a particular village in India?

I am doing research on a project. And for that, I need details like- age, jobs, income, etc. of all persons of a particular village in India. I have already searched for census data , but I got only ...
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Am I obligated to answer a citizenship question on the U.S. census? [closed]

This question seems to straddle politics/law, but I am going to post it here. There is a lot in the US news lately about President Trump pushing to have a question on citizenship added to the 2020 US ...
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Why does Trump want a citizenship question on the census?

President Trump has recently stated that he may issue an executive order to place a question on the 2020 Census about US residents' citizenship status. This comes after the Supreme Court has already ...
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Who is counted for representation in the US Congress?

I was reading an article about the citizenship question on the decennial US census. The article said that including the citizenship question would discourage immigrants from participation in the ...
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Census boycott for political purposes

It occurred to me that if one is a supporter of X party living in a far Y state, one might cast an indirect vote against Y in the house and presidential races by not taking part in the census. Due to ...
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Is the Census underreported, and are there corrections?

I am aware that the census is not an exact population measurement as it is a survey. However, I have been unable to find any information about the estimate of how under reported the census is ...
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What happens if the US fails to conduct a census?

The Constitution, in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 specifies that a census of the US should be taken every ten years and gives Congress the power to specify the specifics. But what happens if, for ...
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Can people be "double counted" in different countries' census?

Our census bureau defines the national "population" as the number of people in the country on census day. This includes citizens, foreign students and workers, and immigrants who do not yet have ...
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