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The formal giving up of rights, property, or territory by a state.

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Can Ukraine cede territory to a NATO country for a limited duration, by presidential decree? [duplicate]

A suggestion was posted to Reddit that Ukraine could cede all of its lands except for one city to a NATO country for 20 years, effective from the time of signature, which would render 98% of the ...
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Have any politicians in Ukraine considered ejecting Luhansk and Donetsk?

(Edit - Feb 22nd: seeing the events of the last 12 hours I feel kind of dirty for asking this question, which I did before reading about Russia's recognition - though I was aware the Duma had ...
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Has there ever been an independence movement with the goal to split off an underperforming part of a nation?

There have been many independence movements in history. The Wikipedia category of independence movements alone lists 145 articles about mostly distinct independence / seperationist / liberation ...
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Has there ever been a case where a state ejected a portion of itself?

There are often calls for one portion of a state to secede and form their own state. For example, the recent Scottish referendum on seceding from the UK. But suppose it went the other way around, and ...
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