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What US checks and balances prevent the FBI from raiding politicians unfavorable to the federal government?

The recent news about Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao getting raided by the FBI has sort of raised this question for me. Obviously there’s a lot to speculate about here. But in general I would like to ...
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States' check on federal government's power? [closed]

Where in the U.S. Constitution are states given the right to "check" a tyrannical federal government?
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3 answers

Are there countries where unelected officials can remove elected officials?

Inspired by this question, are there countries where unelected officials can remove elected officials for reasons (either specific reasons, any reason, or even no reason)? Excluding monarchs, which by ...
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Is there an academic field that explores how to create the best political system?

I was thinking about the qualities of a perfect system involving human beings. Is there an academic discipline that explores this topic? For example, a perfect political system would require ...
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27 votes
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Do heavy human losses put pressure on an autocratic leader like Putin?

In democratic countries, there tends to be great aversion to loss of life from military operations, and there are checks and balances that ensure a displeased populace has some capacity to vote in ...
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Checks and Balances on News Media

The Biden Administration has called for a new investigation into a possible Wuhan lab leak of the Covid-19 virus. The Trump Administration had made the same claim but was largely dismissed by the news ...
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Does all military authority come from the President?

If the President were to order it person who reports directly to them, it would be expected that they follow that order assuming it's legal and ethical, but does the President have the power to give ...
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Do any democratic countries have mechanisms to prevent one party from dominating for an extended period?

Is there any country that has constitutional or national law that prevents any party from holding an absolute majority for too long? Examples of various ways how it can be implemented: If a party ...
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How could presidential power realistically be reigned in over time? [closed]

As I understand it scholars generally agree that the modern president is far more powerful then originally intended by the founders of the constitution. Over the generations presidents have been ...
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Can UK supreme court justices be evaluated ideologically?

The Guardian's play by play account of today in UK politics notes that Geoffrey Cox has raised the possibility of parliamentary confirmation of judicial appointments, as is done in the US, because of ...
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Could a US political party gain complete control over the government by removing checks & balances?

I was talking to a friend some time ago about American politics, political parties, etc. During this conversation, I thought of something: If a single party controlled both the House and Senate, they ...
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29 votes
3 answers

Why is the President allowed to veto a cancellation of emergency powers?

This seems like a major bug in checks and balances, since it requires 2/3 majority in both chambers to override the veto. Doesn't this give the President power to do anything they wish, as long as ...
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Who sets US tariffs, Congress or the executive branch? [duplicate]

I am pretty sure that tariffs are supposed to be set by laws enacted by Congress in the United States, at least according to the Constitution. However, I keep hearing about this or that president ...
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What checks & balances exist on covert operations?

Due to a series of tweets by Boots Riley, I've been reading about COINTELPRO, "a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, ...
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Does Constitutional Court deciding upon a law related to its members break the "checks and balances" principle?

According to this article, Romanian Constitutional Court decided upon a notification coming from a parliamentary party regarding its own members immunity. Shortly put, they are deciding the ...
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How do democracies maintain the independence of judiciary? [closed]

While a constitutional democracy requires an independent judiciary, the same cannot be elected by popular vote. One possible way is that the Executive head would appoint and promote the judges, but ...
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2 answers

Are there checks and balances in the Philippine Congress on Rodrigo Duterte?

Are there any limits to his power from Congress while he controls a majority there?
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When can the US political system examine the president for mental health issues?

It's obvious that any president's mental health should be considered of utmost importance. In the USA, mental health tests are not a prerequisite to run for office. However, there are several systems ...
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Does the United Kingdom, in practice, have other constitutional principles which limit the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty?

In the United Kingdom it seems to me that the only Constitutional principle that matters is the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty. From that link this part sums up my reasoning quite nicely: ...
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Has power been stripped away from the US Constitution, during the Obama Administration?

In an interview on 60 Minutes last month, the Republican Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan, was being asked about his opinions of Donald Trump. One of his answers included the following quote (...
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Interdependence and independence of powers

How can the judiciary branch be independent while still being interdependent of the other two serving as check and balance? Could the other two branches be similarly independent and interdependent at ...
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2 answers

Why is the Supreme Court not balanced in terms of their political views?

Wikipedia says: Article III of the United States Constitution leaves it to Congress to fix the number of justices. The Judiciary Act of 1789 called for the appointment of six justices, and as ...
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Do the President and federal departments have the power to enact laws and set regulations without congressional approval?

During President Obama's State of the Union, he talked about how, if Congress didn't enact laws to help the environment, his administration would. He also did this with gun control. Does the POTUS ...
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What are some examples of "checks and balances" outside of the United States? [closed]

The three branches of the United States government (legislative, executive, and judicial) all participate in the governing process and in many cases can check the actions of another branch. Are there ...
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