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3 answers

Why does Germany's traffic light coalition seem more likely than ever before?

Even though the parties of the Germany's grand coalition - CDU/CSU and SPD regained majority support in this year's election, according to the commentators, the traffic light coalition has the ...
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Why do Christian democratic parties often name themselves "popular" and "people's"?

Parties such as those united under the European People's Party tend to tag themselves as "popular" or "people's" parties. Does this term have any ideological value? Or is it just a non-religious ...
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49 votes
8 answers

Why are right-wing politicians in the US typically pro-Israel?

In my understanding, generally, right-wing politicians are hard on immigration and foreign people in general. This typically goes well with anti-semitism, too. (See Nazis / Neo-Nazis). At least in the ...
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Are there some systematic attempts to evaluate how pro-Christian-Right presidential policies have been?

I read an opinion piece in USA Today stating basically that Trump is the best president ever (eletcted, insofar) for the Christian right: Never has the religious right had such a strong friend and ...
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