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For political questions relating to the Abrahamic religion of Christianity. For general questions about Christian religion, see our sister site Christianity Stack Exchange.

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How does the Pope influence politics in countries where there is a separation between Church and State?

I do not know how the Pope's activity is covered in Western media, but local media in my country (Romania) covers all the important meetings of the Pope. Many of these meetings are with important ...
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How did Russia suddenly change from being an atheist country to being a Christian country?

I know that religious faith is a personal thing, some people have a stronger faith than others, and for some people religion is more a matter of cultural identity than personal conviction. Also how ...
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What is the meaning and significance of the privilege of French Presidents to impose the biretta on the nuncio?

The King of France, and the French Presidents after them, had been given by the Pope, the privilege to impose to the nuncio, the ambassador of Vatican, in France to wear the biretta. What are the ...
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Why does the Republican party have such a high appeal with Christians?

Why do Christians feel so inclined to subscribe to the conservative party? Has a major Christian authority taught his subjects that it is righteous to be a Republican?
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Are/were there self-identified Jehovah's witness politicians?

I am curious about religion. Jehovah's Witnesses are officially apolitical. But, I am curious about Jehovah's witnesses and whether there are any self-identified Witnesses in governments around the ...
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Does the Catholic Church have a contingency plan for the case that the pope and all cardinals are dead?

Most modern democratic countries have a chain of command which can be triggered in case of disastrous events and is intended to ensure the continuity of the functioning of the country. This chain of ...
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Can the Pope be impeached?

Generally, an appointment to the papacy is for life, but on several occasions, most recently Benedict XVI in 2013, the Pope has resigned from the post. This means that the Catholic Church recognises ...
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Why do Catholics support European integration more than Protestants?

In their paper Does Religion Matter?: Christianity and Public Support for the European Union, Nelsen et. al explore the effect of religious denomination, and the strength of that religious conviction ...
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Can the US Roman Catholic Bishops establish rules against the will of the Pope?

The US Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops made a step towards banning politicians who support abortion rights from the Eucharist (Holy Communion). This step was made against the explicit position of ...
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Can politics be described in epidemiological terms?

The Matrix, a famous 1999 Wachowski movie set in a near dystopian cyperpunk future, deals with a "neuro-interactive simulation" that was created by out-of-control machines and pulled over ...
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Why do Christian democratic parties often name themselves "popular" and "people's"?

Parties such as those united under the European People's Party tend to tag themselves as "popular" or "people's" parties. Does this term have any ideological value? Or is it just a non-religious ...
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Do Christian denominations in US have similar attitudes towards immigration?

I have read that some Christian denominations in US are more liberal than the others. The articles that I read only mentioned they split in abortion right and LGBTQ equality. Do liberal denominations ...
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