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Questions relating to the actions of individuals or small groups to influence government policy by direct contact with government. For influence by organizations or industry representatives, consider [lobbying]. For influencing the opinions of the public, see [grassroots].

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Could homeless people unionize? How? [closed]

How do people form unions? What steps/processes/protocols/organizational structures are involved? Or do they vary from union to union? Could homeless people unionize, so as to engage in collective ...
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Who should I contact to urge support for a state bill stuck in committee?

I'm not sure if I'm looking at this correctly, but, if I want to encourage support for a bill stuck in committee, is it inappropriate to email the chair of said committee? Otherwise, should I just ...
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What causes political apathy? [closed]

A lot of people are averse to politics, specifically when there is minority representation in media or representation of issues relating to them. But isn't this impossible to avoid? Almost everything ...
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How do political groups address willful ignorance to their causes by people?

One example would be drug laws. If advocates of drug law reform present arguments in favor of lenient drug legislation, the target audience of those advocates may choose to ignore them because the ...
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Canadian couple who died in suspicious circumstances while doing Tibet activism? [closed]

I seem to remember that about 15-20 years ago a Canadian (?) couple who were both avid Tibetan cause activists were found dead in their home. The wife was found shot to death in their bed and her ...
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What is the rationale of climate activists pouring soup on Van Gogh paintings of sunflowers?

I do not really understand the reasoning behind. Should not it be at least something like Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare by Monet ? (steam locomotive depicted there at least has ...
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Empirical evidence regarding the effectiveness of writing to your representatives

Letter writing (including email) and phone call campaigns are popular actions people are called to participate in to create pressure and change legislator behavior. It's taken as axiomatic that this ...
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Which Israeli Banks has NZ Super-Annuation Fund divested from due to their support for settlement activity on the Occupied Territories?

The NZ Super-Annuation Fund (the state pension fund in New Zealand) has recently divested from five Israeli banks due to their support for settlement activity in the Occupied Territories. Which five ...
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Voter intimidation versus poll observing?

What distinguishes, if anything, the ominous presence of one or more partisan self-appointed possibly armed poll observers full of appraising stares, and the federal crime of voter intimidation? The ...
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How does the release of George Floyd's death footage change the perception of his death? [closed]

The Daily Mail recently released the bodycam footage of the death of George Floyd. How does this video corroborate/counter the claims that have been made regarding the incident? (One specific claim ...
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What are the practical and effective feedback mechanism that normal citizens can use to present their views to the government?

As a normal citizen, one of the problems in our political system is that the government lacks positive feedback from normal citizens, like me. For example, let's say the government introduces a new ...
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What legal actions/procedures I can take as an individual to implement sugar law? [duplicate]

I would love to see an upper limit on sugar content in food, ideally not more than 15%, but 40% is a start. What legal actions/procedures I can take as an individual to get something put into law to ...
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Has a person invited by a politician ever criticized them?

Politicians in the United States will frequently bring forth members of the public to bolster their arguments at speeches or rallies, or even in Congress. For instance, Donald Trump recently called up ...
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What is the most effective way to participate democratically as a regular citizen in a stable parliamentary democracy? [closed]

I live in Germany as a regular citizen. That means, i am not an political activist (at the moment) or otherwise involved in political processes. In my opinion, the German politicians are going in the ...
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How can the common citizen defend democracy principles? [closed]

There is this question bugging me for a while now. I can't really state it other than the title of this question. What do I mean by that? It seems to me that, besides going to vote once every 4-5 ...
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What democratic systems exist that successfully tackle NIMBYism?

As explained by Wikipedia: NIMBY (an acronym for the phrase "Not In My Back Yard"), or Nimby (as a word, instead of an acronym), is a pejorative characterization of opposition by residents to a ...
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Has anyone researched which current/former rules changes would have been subjected to the REINS Act?

Has anyone researched which currently in-force legislation would have been affected by the REINS Act, had it the REINS act been in force at the time? I'm thinking like Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, ...
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How should one address concerns to a parliamentary representative?

I am concerned that politicians are not addressing some issues I see as having imminent impacts in the overall health of Europe. I would like to communicate this effectively with a representative in ...
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Why do Native American tribes have a voice in California Online Poker Politics?

No one brings this up, and maybe I'm just ignorant of how the political system works and it's perfectly normal for foreign entities to use "lobbying" to affect laws in sovereign states they ...
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Reducing Corporate Influence in Politics

In America, at least, businesses have a good deal of influence in politics. Many policies surrounding, for example, the agricultural sector run contrary to the preferences of voters but adhere to the ...
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