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Questions tagged [cold-war]

Questions related to the period of tension between the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II (between 1947–1991)

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Why has China repeatedly called on the international community to abandon the Cold War mentality?

As we all know, the Cold War ended at the end of the last century, but today, 30 years later, China has repeatedly called on the international community to abandon the Cold War mentality on diplomatic ...
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Why was preaching ideology important for USSR/USA?

I am reading the Wikipedia page on the Cold War, where I found these lines The US government supported anti-communist and right-wing governments and uprisings across the world, while the Soviet ...
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How come there are still two Koreas?

How come there are still two Koreas while the other divisions created by the Cold War have ended? Do the people of Korea want the division to continue?
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Was there more tension during the cold war or now? [closed]

I was born shortly after the so called cold war ended. Now we are again with the two giants (Russia and USA) barking at each other. Is it now worse than then?
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What are the similarities and differences between the Cuba crises and today’s situation in Ukraine? [closed]

Today's situation in Ukraine reminds somewhat of the so called Cuba Crises of 1962. What are the similarities, if any, and differences between the two?
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Why doesn't the US send airplanes to Ukraine, when the Soviets sent MiGs to North Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, the Soviets sent hundreds of MiGs to North Vietnam. Now, Americans say they cannot send airplanes to Ukraine lest it lead to escalation. Why wasn't the Soviet assistance to ...
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Does the US designate Russia as an *authoritarian state*?

Russia is frequently called authoritarian - in discourse by western politicians, in the news and in casual discussions. Is it however officially designated by the US (or any western country) as an ...
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Was anything comparable to the current ban on Russian civilian aircraft in various Western countries ever imposed during the Cold War?

I'm curious if there is some historical precedent for this or if this a rather new level of friction that didn't even exist during the Cold War: Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia and Romania said on Saturday ...
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50 votes
9 answers

Two Germanys and two Koreas but only one China. Why wasn't a compromise to internationally recognise both Chinas reached?

During the Cold War several former united states ended divided in two opposing polities, each one claiming to be the legitimate government of the whole former state. Although in the beginning most ...
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Why did the West reject Stalin's proposal for reunification of Germany in 1952? [closed]

As mentioned here, in 1952 Stalin proposed a reunification of Germany and free elections there, in exchange for Germany not being part of NATO.
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What is the significance of flying the BRD flag in post-unification Germany?

On a number of occasions, such as at football matches and political demonstrations, I have seen citizens of the post-unification Germany flying what I thought was the historical flag of the BRD (the ...
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Can politics be described in epidemiological terms?

The Matrix, a famous 1999 Wachowski movie set in a near dystopian cyperpunk future, deals with a "neuro-interactive simulation" that was created by out-of-control machines and pulled over ...
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Why do so many Russians approve of Joseph Stalin's regime?

I read polls suggesting that 70% of Russians today support Joseph Stalin's actions when he was in charge of the Soviet Union as its Premier. Why is his approval rating so high in Russia despite of all ...
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What are the steps towards officially recognizing a Cold War?

The Guardian argues about so called "Cold War 2.0": Warnings of a return to cold war politics have been a staple of European debate for three years, but in recent weeks many western diplomats, ...
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Are the U.S.A. and Russia in a conflict similar to the "Cold War" in 2018?

From my understanding the "Cold War" was not really a war in the traditional sense, but a term to describe the tension between the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. as they attempted to destabilise and weaken each ...
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3 votes
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Why was the North Atlantic Treaty's Article 5 not triggered in the 60s and 70s?

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949. However, Article 5 was neither triggered in 1961 when the Portuguese Colonial War started in Angola, nor after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964) that ...
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Did Castro seek thermonuclear war with the US?

Here, via Andrew Stuttaford, is an excerpt from a letter Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev sent to Castro after the Cuban missile crisis. Ed note (the text is furnished from PBS) In your cable of ...
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Evidences proving or refuting the role of Russian KGB in creation of the modern day leftist ideology?

There are people who believe that much of modern leftism boils down to anti-western sentiment. For example, ex-KGB agent Yurl Bezmenov has gone on record (video, YouTube, 1h 20m) stating that the ...
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What's the point of having thousands of nuclear missiles?

According to Wikipedia, the US and Russia have close to 8,000 nuclear warheads each. Other known nuclear powers, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel has a couple of hundreds each. The ...
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Has the world ever seen pure Communism? [closed]

I'm not an expert in politics so there are a few gaps in my understanding of the subject, but I was thinking that all the so called communist countries that have been around don't seem to me to be ...
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Is the US reconsidering the Brilliant Pebbles project?

Due to the tensions between USA and Russia over Crimea, and the fact that Russia is the second biggest nuclear power, is the US considering resuming the Brilliant Pebbles project in subsequent years?
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