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Questions tagged [colombia]

Questions relating to the government or politics of the Republic of Colombia.

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Why does Colombia close its borders the day of the elections?

According to the note from 16 June of US embassy in Colombia on Security alert - second round of the presidential election process: Roads may be closed in major cities, including Bogota, on June 19.  ...
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Why there is nearly no international community response to Colombia protests?

Protests in Colombia are going on since 27 April 2021. There is even an wiki article about it, showing widespread police violence and many victims: The protesters want the riot police to be disbanded ...
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What are presidential candidate Iván Duque's main points about the peace deal signed with FARC in Colombia?

Last May 27, there was the first round of the Colombian presidential election 2018. The two politicians that made it to the final round are Iván Duque, rightwinger, and Gustavo Petro, a former ...
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Would legalization of drugs increase the power of the FARC?

Libertarians have very compelling arguments in favor of drug legalization. I have been convinced by these (and similar) arguments. But recently I heard one counter-argument that seems very compelling ...
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