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Are there any organizations calling for restoration of Americas to the native american peoples? [duplicate]

The criticism of Israel on US university campuses is often ideologically grounded in anti-colonialist discourse. E.g., Columbia University Palestinian-American professor Rashid Khalidi is one of the ...
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How do Turks and Arabs view each other?

There is usually quite a lot of bad blood between the former colonial powers and the former colonies - like between Russia and the former Soviet Republics or Soviet Block countries, between France and ...
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What is behind the recent surge in settler activity in the West Bank?

The Guardian reports an "unprecedented surge" in illegal settler activity in the West Bank. The Peace Now report that they cite claims that this is because settlers are "exploiting"...
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Did the UN[GA] ever declare Israel to be a colonizer (state) or to have engaged in colonization projects?

I know of the later revoked UNGA resolution that "Zionism is racism". But did the UN, especially the UNGA, ever declare Israel to be a colonizer, apart from that, and if so to what extent? I'...
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