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Use this tag when asking about actual or potential conflicts of interest, as well as related questions regarding conflict of interest rules and ethics.

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What effective laws and rules regulating perks of politicians and political parties exist in various democracies?

In most, if not all countries, the rules regulating politicians and political parties are made by those very same politicians and political parties. In such cases, politicians tend to give themselves ...
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In Europe, what happens when an embassy is doing all they can to start a war with the host country? [closed]

If an embassy decides to be troublesome with the host country, causing social issues, blaming people (such as celebrities), looking to bring people to court, and eventually try to start a war, what ...
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Did the US Supreme court really "exemp(t) themselves from all the ethical rules that all the other federal judges are abided by"? If so, how?

In CNN's video Toobin: Why Ginni Thomas' texts around 1/6 are problematic with the description CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explains why Ginni Thomas' involvement with the events of January ...
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Gazprom: Conflict of interest between US, Russia and US banks? [closed]

I would like to understand the Ukraine/US/Russia/North Stream 2 conflict and I started to wonder about the impact (or side effects) of US sanctions, since I read about the shareholder structure of ...
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Isn't there a conflict of interest when the president appoints a (former) judge as the attorney general?

Isn't Merrick Garland too conflicted to be Attorney General because he is a former Chief Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit? After his Chief Judgeship, Garland was nominated by and ...
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Have the salaries or benefits of members of the Constitutional Court ever been decreased in a European country?

Background I have watched an interview with an economic analyst arguing that Romania is in a strange situation ("conflict of interest") because the Constitutional Court members are able to ...
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How does the Federal Reserve insure there is no conflict of interest or minimize the conflict of interest within the organization?

“This report reveals the inherent conflicts of interest that exist at the Federal Reserve,” said Sanders in a statement. “At a time when small businesses could not get affordable loans to create jobs, ...
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Role of the 'Judge' during Impeachment [duplicate]

What exactly does the Judge presiding over impeachment hearings do? As of now it is clear that John Roberts will not be sitting in for the second impeachment, and Rand Paul and many Republicans have ...
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What would happen if the SCOTUS were themselves to be part of a lawsuit?

Let us say that in the future the very institution of the SCOTUS is involved as a plaintiff or defendant in a case (maybe a land dispute on which the court stands or for whatever reason the SCOTUS and ...
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How can I find policy recommendations as well as scholarly researches on the relationship of "conflict of interest" and "poverty reduction efforts"? [closed]

I want to find policy recommendations as well as scholarly researches on the relationship of "conflict of interest" and "poverty reduction efforts". It seems that there exists vast amount of ...
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Is there any the law or procedure regarding non-political conflicts of interest during an impeachment trial in the US Senate?

Is there any the law or procedure regarding conflicts of interest during an impeachment trial in the US Senate? I can think of many for senators on both sides; obviously political conflicts, (...
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Who is the "agency designee" with respect to 5 CFR § 2635.502 (c)-(d) for the White House?

5 CFR § 2635.502 deals with potential conflicts of interests of federal employees. If I'm reading that correctly, it seems that every government agency needs to have at least one "designee" ...
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Why was VP Biden not required to obtain a waiver to continue his influence over Ukrainian government policy? [closed]

In cfr §2635.502, paragraph (a) states: (a) Consideration of appearances by the employee. Where an employee knows that a particular matter involving specific parties is likely to have a direct ...
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Can John Roberts rule on whether witnesses have to testify in the impeachment inquiry?

It was ruled today that Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, needs to testify in the impeachment inquiry. Like most things, I am guessing that this will probably be appealed, and could end up ...
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In American Politics, why is the Justice Department under the President?

This may sound like an easy question. Legislators make laws, the executive executes laws and the judiciary judges laws. Sounds simple. I've heard that the Justice Department is under the executive ...
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How are inter-religious disputes handled in the US and Canada? [closed]

I was reading Why does religion get a special treatment in anti-discrimination laws?. Perhaps religion has a definitive clause somewhere in federal law, no doubt, and indeed religions are prevented ...
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How is Trump getting around the law against appointing relatives?

Donald Trump has appointed his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to positions in his administration -- Ivanka is an advisor, and Kushner apparently has many roles. How has he been allowed ...
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How can the Attorney General be expected to act impartially if the President can just remove them?

If there is some ongoing investigation into some matter involving the president, the Attorney General heads the Justice department and therefore would be involved in running the investigation. ...
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Is it legal for US President Trump to order the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline?

I understand that US president Donald Trump has not provided evidence that he has relinquished his direct and indirect holdings in Energy Transfer Partners, which has been constructing the Dakota ...
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