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Questions related to compulsory service to government, particularly for service in the military.

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How common is it for countries to draft directly from prison?

According to RFERL Russian legislation currently forbids the military to register convicted prisoners for the draft or call them up for duty. But last month, the Defense Ministry submitted a proposal ...
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What are the similarities/differences between Russia's conscription and their mobilization?

What really differentiates Russia's twice-yearly conscription cycle from the mobilization drive? On one end, conscripts seem to not go to Ukraine much these days, whereas a whole lot of not always ...
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How effective are lawyers and NGOs (like Soldiers Mothers, Peaceplea and Conscript's School) in securing the rights of the mobilized in Russia?

After the start of the first mobilizations in Russia, a couple of organisations were created to help mobilized people to either escape military service or acquire them non-combat roles: https://...
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How many Russian politicians send their own children to the war in Ukraine? [closed]

Today Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "partial mobilisation", hoping to add 300,000 more soldiers to the war in Ukraine. This follows the success of Ukraine's counter-offensive, ...
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Why does Russia not declare war on Ukraine in order to incorporate their conscripts into the war?

Russia has been saying that there is no war in Ukraine, just a "Special military operation". Their laws prohibit them from sending conscripts to military operations outside Russia. The war ...
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Are Ukrainian civilians forced to fight against their will?

Multiple European newspapers stated that the Ukrainian government was doing everything in its power to allow the Ukrainian civilians to flee the country safely. I was under the impression that ...
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Is by European countries' standards escaping from a military draft a basis for refugee status?

Some European countries including mine have laws allowing to draft men (and women of some professions) into the military when the current situation warrants it. Although the current situation in ...
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What are my odds of being drafted for US selected service currently? [closed]

So this is definitely a slightly paranoia induced question, but it has been on my mind recently (for obvious reasons) and was wondering what my odds are. Age wise I'm primed for the army; I just ...
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Is conscription incompatible with democracy? [closed]

Is mandatory military service incompatible with democracy, in which people supposedly are given choices?
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Is it true that a man in the US is only given the right to vote if he accepts the draft?

Is it true that men are only given the right to vote if they agree to give to government the right to conscription? Of course, women only need to be 18 and have no further obligations put on them? How ...
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What is the difference between war refugees and deserters?

To give one example, the US government reserves the right to reinstate conscription at any time. If conscription is reinstated, anyone fleeing the US territory to escape the war will become a deserter ...
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Conscription rights if UK Locked in Backstop

Does the EU have the power to develop a European Army, and to conscript European citizens into it? If so, would the Northern Ireland Backstop mean that UK citizens could also be conscripted into this ...
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Politicians to remove sexism in registration for potential conscription in the USA?

According to Wikipedia, only men are required to register for the draft with the Selective Service System in the US. Some feminists want equal conditions for men and women. Are there any USA ...
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Why is the US military enlistment age (and previously the draft age) set at 18 years old?

When was this age for enlistment and/or the draft established? Has it ever been challenged?
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How are women integrated into the North Korean military?

Background Korean People's Army soldiers (per Wikipedia) About 25% of North Korea's population is in either an active duty role or a reserve/paramilitary role in the Korean People's Army, and North ...
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What is the role of the South Korean military service in case of a war with North Korea

South Korea is still officially at war with North Korea and Kim Jeong-Eun, the North Korean leader, regularly threatens to attack the South to various extents. South Korea has a mandatory military ...
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Could a politician be conscripted during the Vietnam war (Australia)?

During the Vietnam War, there was conscription in Australia. I'm just wondering, under that system of conscription, whether a politician, assuming they were otherwise eligible, could be conscripted ...
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