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Could the Russian Federation really have tested a nuclear weapon without anyone noticing? [closed]

In an interview with Kurbanova Live, Russian blogger and a former political scientist Valery Solovei has made the claim that the Russian Federation has performed a test of a nuclear weapon on November ...
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Has any head of state ever proven to be a foreign spy? [closed]

WWI and Russia In his tour de force conspiracy theory book series Victor Suvorov(a pen name) makes a number of claims about alternative interpretation of the origins of the Soviet Union, Germany and ...
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Is there independent scientific studies as to rather liberals or conservatives are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories?

I'm asking in relation to a recent question Why does it seem like US conspiracy theorists are overwhelmingly Republican-oriented? This question takes the presumption that conservative CT (conspiracy ...
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Are there any major left-wing conspiracy theories in the USA?

Related: Why does it seem like US conspiracy theorists are overwhelmingly Republican-oriented? The question above explores potential reasons why belief in conspiracy theories is more common among the ...
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Why does it seem like US conspiracy theorists are overwhelmingly Republican-oriented?

One of the most prolific conspiracy theories is QAnon, which alleges Democrats are secretly eating children, among other allegations. There is no major counterpart alleging things for Democrats, and ...
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Decoding certain customized annotations in political signage, do these symbols have any emerging specific connotations?

ABC News' GOP warns HR 1 could be 'absolutely devastating for Republicans' discusses several measures by different parties and at different levels to make voting easier or harder for some. The caption ...
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How has QAnon narrative being affected by Jan 6, the social media bans, and Trump's leaving office?

I haven't heard much about QAnon since Trump's leaving office. It seems between the backlash and banning that came after Jan 6 and Trump's leaving office without any of the major QAnon predictions ...
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Are there research results on what makes people in established democracies believe in election fraud?

One might assume that ballots and vote counts come close to an absolute truth, that large-scale election fraud is nearly impossible in stable and wealthy democratic countries: Public observers and ...
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What are the origins of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory? [closed]

I find it really hard to see how this idea was arrived at in the first place, and the timing of both Bill Clinton and President Trump being implicated in the Epstein case, a real child abuse scandal ...
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Is polling about fringe beliefs reliable?

Often, when polling is done about fringe beliefs, conspiracy theories and the like, the results given are very disturbing. Examples of fringe beliefs being 9/11 being an inside job, or that the ...
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