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Copyright allows an author or company to publish their works while retaining exclusive rights for a time period (after which they become public domain). Use this tag to discuss copyright laws and political applications.

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American's opinions on copyright

Have there been any recent surveys with published results on American's opinions on copyright?
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What 1867 act of US congress entered this painting for the Southern District of New York? What did this act of congress actually do?

CNN's Abby Phillip's video Where the fight for the Black vote really started | History Refocused at about the 6 minute mark during a discussion of reconstruction, a work of art is shown during ...
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Is the United States Constitution owned by the people or by the government? [closed]

For example, if a US citizen used part of the Constitution in an essay would that person not need to cite it?
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Why do so many pirated software apps and unlicensed copies of things come from China and the surrounding area?

I know this is a broad question but is there a reason there is so much copying of intellectual property in China and surrounding countries? It seems there's a stronger culture of copyright and patent ...
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Will Britain be exempt from Article 13 if Brexit passes?

As stated in the title, will Brexit be able to prevent Britain from being affected by Article 13? This question comes in light of Article 13 recently passing. For the purposes of this question, I am ...
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Does the vote in favor of Article 13 affect Stack Exchange? [closed]

The EU parliament voted in favor of Article 13. An article which is heavily disputed and may have huge impacts on sites publishing (even if they are small) images or videos of others' creative work. ...
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Why is the European Parliament still pursuing copyright law despite its implementation issues?

According to this article, the European Parliament is considering rolling out taxation of news aggregators: (..) large European newspaper publishers have dreamed of charging news aggregators such ...
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In the UK, what's the rationale for having Crown Copyright?

One major difference in copyright laws between the US and the UK is the scope of copyright on works created by government employees. In the US, nearly every government work enters the public domain by ...
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Why do patents last for only 20 years but copyright can potentially last for more than 150 years?

There's currently a weird legal situation where massively complex bodies of engineering/research work are only protected for 20 years through patents, but a simple drawing can be protected for 70 ...
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Legality of watching a country's free local TV Channels abroad [closed]

Wherever you are from and as long as you know the law and you have the articles to support your claims can you tell me if it's legal to watch a (your) country's free local TV channels outside of their ...
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Is Copyright a Statute or Common Law and Why? [closed]

I'm not sure, but is Copyright a Statute or Common Law and Why? Does this vary between countries and why would it be either a Statute Law or Common Law? I need some help in this as I cannot decide ...
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Which open source licenses have been tested in a US or EU court? [closed]

I'd like to know if there are any particular open source licenses or family of licenses that have been established in case law in the US or the European Union, and links to said case law if possible. ...
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Has the Library of Congress violated copyright by copying the entire Twitter database? [closed]

The Library of Congress acquired the entire Twitter database recently. Every public tweet, ever, since Twitter’s inception in March 2006, will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. That’...
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What is the purpose of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)?

What are the stated goals of the proponents of ACTA? In what way do these goals diverge from the likely effects of the Agreement claimed by those who oppose it?
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Can copyright be interpreted as a liberal economic policy?

Note: This question refers to liberal as in Liberalism, not as in American Liberalism! As copyright is considered a state-guaranteed monopoly for the creators of works, could it be considered a true ...
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