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Questions about groups of people or companies that act as a legal entity by law.

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Does Cenk Uygur support secret ballots in union elections?

Former Democratic Congressional candidate and liberal political talk show host Cenk Uygur talked to the Huffington Post about the unionization efforts of the employees at his digital media company The ...
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In Canada, is a crown corproation the same as a federal government corporation

For example, the CPPIB is listed as a crown corporation. Does this mean it is a public sector company? The same as a federal government company? I am considering applying for a job here. All I want ...
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What bodies exist to foster cooperation amongst transnational corporations?

Sometimes competing corporations meet and discuss solutions to common problems and create trade organizations or political lobby groups. Sometimes countries with similar economic interests form ...
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Correlation between companies' tariff exemptions/exclusions and political social media postings

The U.S. has recently had tariffs on the import of steel under two administrations by opposing political parties. I would assume, but don't know, that a 25% difference in the cost of raw materials ...
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