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Corruption is where a government official acts in their own interests, often over the interests of their position or country.

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Checks against corruption in Gaza, and their effectiveness

What checks to corruption (if any) are there to the Hamas regime in Gaza, and how effective are they? Related: Checks against corruption in the Palestinian Authority and their effectiveness
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Will the changes to the NSW ICAC reduce its effectiveness?

The NSW government is putting through changes to ICAC, they claim its to make it more effective but it can also look like its because ICAC has been too effective at finding problems with the party. ...
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Do freedom-of-information laws increase corruption?

That's the general conclusion of a 2007 study: It has been argued that greater transparency is needed to reduce corruption. One way of increasing transparency is through the adoption of Freedom ...
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Was anyone in Orbán's circle reported w/ clear & convincing evidence to have engaged in compelling adverse interest w/ the anecdotal "carrot & stick"?

Has there been any cases where, say, a video recording or audio recording stood as manifest proof of anyone within Fidesz, people with close ties thereto, NER or his family to have offered the stick ...
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Was any reform made at the World Bank to prevent a country for using its influence to pressure World Bank officials to alter its data?

China has tried over the past two decades to increase its influence over international institutions, including the IMF and the World Health Organization, and their policies. The changes made to the ...
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What were Iswaran's 9 dropped charges and why were they dropped?

In January 2024, Singaporean politician S. Iswaran resigned after being charged with corruption. The Straits Times (2024-01-18): [Iswaran's defence lawyer Davinder Singh] said cautioned statements ...
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