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Questions related to the international organisation known as Council of Europe, whose aims are to uphold democracy, human rights and rule of law in Europe. Not to be confused with the European Council.

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What is the point of the European Political Community when we already have the Council of Europe?

The European Political Community (EPC) (first) met in October 2022 as a gathering of 44 European states. It appears to be a forum in which states talk to each other. This seems extremely similar to ...
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What is the difference between The Council of Europe and the European Union?

There seem to be two separate bodies which are trying to foment more collaboration and cooperation between Europe The Council of Europe European Union There are a couple of links which try to ...
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Why would Turkey leave the Istanbul Convention (now)?

As of today, Turkey appears to have withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention, an effort by the Council of Europe to create a standard legal approach to battling violence against women and domestic abuse....
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How often does the ECtHR Grand Chamber reverse judgements by its lower chamber?

In the recent N.D. & N.T. vs Spain 2020 case, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) basically reversed a 2017 decision of the ECtHR's (lower) chamber. the [Grand Chamber ...
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After Brexit will the UK still be a member of the Council of Europe and be subject to the ECHR?

After Brexit will the UK still be a member of the Council of Europe?
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Why are there so many nations that have still not ratified the Istanbul Convention?

Context: In December 2008, the Council of Europe set up an expert committee, the Ad Hoc Committee for preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CAHVIO). In December 2010, ...
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Are there any advantages for an EU member when ensuring presidency of the Council?

According to this article, the presidency of the Council rotates among the EU member states every 6 months. Various obligations are also presented there. It also present the country list for the near ...
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Why won't Russia leave the Council of Europe?

The ECHR seems to constantly ruling against the current political regime in Russia, such as in the lawsuit by former Yukos shareholders. While Russia can obviously ignore any ruling they don't like as ...
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Why is the death sentence considered to be an unacceptable punishment in the Council of Europe, while life imprisonment is not?

I've always been baffled at the Council of Europe fight against the death sentence: on the one hand you have the rights of the prisoner and how a death sentence is too harsh for any crime. On the ...
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