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Questions about a country's position in international relations with respect to war, military alliances, conflicts, etc. Use with a country tag.

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What is the political argument of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy that Ukraine should not join NATO or EU, and remain neutral?

This article in LeMonde - Sarkozy criticized for call to compromise with Russia - states that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is a strong advocate of Ukraine being neutral: France's ...
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(When) did Switzerland tighten its neutrality law provisions regarding armaments and ammo post WW2?

According to RFERL and Swissinfo Ukraine is facing a shortage of 35mm gun ammo for the Gepards donated by Germany because said ammo is apparently manufactured in Switzerland. It looks like the Swiss ...
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What is the Austrian/Swiss rationale for maintaining weapons supply neutrality amidst Russian invasion?

Austria and Switzerland are neutral which mean (as far as I understand) that they don't supply any military or double-target anything to the fighting countries, don't treat the wounded soldiers, etc. ...
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Can great powers stay neutral in large conflicts?

Whenever I think of a neutral country, countries that come to mind are, say, Switzerland, Austria or Sweden. However, no great power comes to mind in this context. In fact, they are mostly on the ...
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Why did Switzerland de facto abandon their neutrality?

Switzerland has imposed sanctions on Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine "Swiss set to match EU sanctions if China invades Taiwan — agency chief" These cases look like Switzerland de ...
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Would Finland's joining NATO be a violation of the 1947 Treaty of Paris?

Articles like this one by the Atlantic Council suggest that Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO and give up their neutrality. However would Finland's joining NATO not violate the 1947 Treaty of ...
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Has Ukraine explained how their proposed resolution to the Russia-Ukraine war would work if their referendum fails? [closed]

Ukraine has indicated that any compromise in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, such as declaring neutrality, must be put to a referendum after Russian troops withdraw. [Ukrainian president] Zelenskyy ...
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Which countries in the world remain neutral in the Ukraine conflict?

Which countries are staying neutral in the war against Ukraine?
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Has Ukraine ever considered being neutral after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

This article that was written a few weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine suggests that Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the idea of Ukraine's neutrality following Finland as a model: During the tense ...
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Agreement for de-militarization of Ukraine, good or bad?

Sure this won't be popular, but it's reality: Quote: Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his preparedness to engage in discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart, with a focus on obtaining ...
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What is the difference between non-alignment and neutrality?

Very few documents online work on the difference. Non-Alignment (and the related history of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) during the Cold War) seems to refer to countries that will not join alliances or ...
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Why did four EU countries break the EU consensus over the US embassy in Jerusalem?

This article argues about four EU countries sending ambassadors to attend the official inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem: Breaking with European consensus, the ambassadors of four EU ...
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Swiss military neutrality and the three roles for the military [closed]

Basic question - there are (were) three purposes for the military at the time of the Peace of Westphalia (tell me if I'm wrong).. Internal defense (crime, rebellion), conquest, defense. Swiss ...
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Why hasn't Austria joined NATO?

Taking a look at the following map of Europe highlighting NATO members, I saw a rather strange hole in the center. Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein are the only Central European countries that ...
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What is USA's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

What is USA's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Are they neutral? Are they trying to end the conflict, or help one of the parties? If not, why do they support one side?
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