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Questions about cryptocurrency , which is a digital currency where ownership may be proved cryptographically.

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Which pro-Assad forces use crypto as funding? [closed]

Are there any Pro-Assad forces or militias that use cryptocurrencies to finance their battles?
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Which communist parties use crypto for donations? [closed]

Being aware of the political scene in Russia I noticed that some Communist organisations (specifically Anarcho-Communist) use cryptocurrencies for donations. What I ...
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Plans on ban cryptocurrencies because of energy crisis

The Swiss government has issued a set of recommendations to deal with the current energy crisis, including a ban on heated swimming pools and saunas (which completely undermines the concept of a sauna)...
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What is the rationale of banning proof-of-work instead of highly taxing it?

According to CoinDesk, the vice-chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) suggested that cryptocurrency mining based on proof-of-work should be banned: Proof-of-work crypto mining ...
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Which countries apply one-tiered system or two-tiered system in implementing CBDC?

Central Bank Digital Currrency (CBDC) has been proliferated since 2014. Since then, some countries have implemented the one-tiered system or two-tiered system in management. One-tiered system is that ...
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US Crypto Infrastructure Bill: Bad for privacy, but is it meant to generate revenue?

Per my understanding, the main consequence of bill for crypto is that it imposes a tax requirement on proof-of-stake validators, protocol devs etc, to report taxes on people who transact with the ...
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What are the benefits of a national cryptocurrency?

I have read about the Marshall Islands partnering with the company Algorand to produce their own cryptocurrency that will act as the nation's official currency. Is there any special benefit from ...
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Dealing with crime in cryptocurrency based economies

Most cryptocurrencies are anonymous where the origin of coins is not known and transactions are also anonymous (this may not be 100% true but lets assume perfect anonymity). The society prevents ...
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