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Questions tagged [currency]

Questions about a system of money in general use in a particular country or its relationship to international trade, such as, exchange rates or reserve currencies.

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What is the effect of removing certain denomination of a currency?

About yesterday the Indian government withdrew 2000 rupee notes in circulation ref. Typically, when stuff like this happens, the explanation is that the attempt is to combat black money. This answer ...
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Destruction of mutilated US currency. Does the BEP or US government agencies track the serial numbers of destroyed currencies?

Does BEP or any other government agency track the serial numbers of mutilated currencies that are destroyed?
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Which countries apply one-tiered system or two-tiered system in implementing CBDC?

Central Bank Digital Currrency (CBDC) has been proliferated since 2014. Since then, some countries have implemented the one-tiered system or two-tiered system in management. One-tiered system is that ...
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