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Questions tagged [cyber-warfare]

Questions related to warfare where digital attacks are used by a nation to attack vital computer systems of another country.

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Progress moving US oil and gas pipeline cybersecurity regulation and oversight from the TSA to the DOE? (HR 370)

Politico's 2022-03-17 ‘TSA has screwed this up’: Pipeline cyber rules hitting major hurdles describes challenges to getting computer systems that control oil and gas pipelines to quickly meet ...
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Is it legal in the US to take down North Korea's internet?

(Not sure if this question should be in the Law.SE, but it is deeply political) American hacker says he keeps turning off internet in North Korea This sounds pretty crazy to me because: Denial-of-...
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Is there a rating of countries by cyberattacks amount being launched?

At recent Geneva summit press-conference, Biden noted: I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off-limits to attack, period, by cyber or any other means," ...
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What are the 16 critical infrastructure sectors the US demands a stop to Russian cyber attacks on?

At their Geneva summit meeting, U.S. President Joe Biden handed Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors that must be "off limits" from cyber attacks. "I talked about the ...
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Why these far-right politicians identify child sexual abuse, and not another crime, as the justification for their attacks on cyber security?

I stumbled across this document, "International Statement: End-to-end Encryption And Public Safety", signed by several politicians who identify themselves far-right. The statement ...
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Does any department of the United States government have an official definition of cyberwarfare?

I was able to read about cyber-warfare and how the United States regularly uses the term. However, the term is said to still be ambiguous with the former Cyber Security Coordinator for the Obama ...
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What are the cyber warfare capabilities of Iran's Revolutionary Guard?

In 2013, officials in Israeli claimed that the Revolutionary Guard of Iran was the fourth biggest cyber power when it came to cyber warfare. What are the cyber-warfare capabilities of the Islamic ...
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Does cyber warfare have rules similar to those existing for classic warfare?

Classic warfare has some rules: (..) UN Security Council Resolution 2286. This important document condems attacks against medical facilities, personnel and patients in crisis situations.(..) ...
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Has a nation ever responded to a cyber attack (from a UN member state) by escalating to physical force?

A recent Washington Post headline reads in part "Israel responded to a Hamas cyberattack with an airstrike. ..." I'm looking for the first such historical instance of a physical response (an ...
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If Russia hacked the 2016 election, how or why can we proceed with inaugurating Trump?

Simple question, but it's been bugging me for quite some time. If we know for a fact that Russians interfered with the 2016 US presidential election, why can we proceed with inaugurating Trump, ...
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