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Use for questions relating to sources of political data, for example, votes, demographics, or trade. You may also consider posting your question on our sister site Open Data Stack Exchange.

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How does Skopos Labs (cited by predict the probability of legislation passing? What is their track record & is it the first of its kind?

This answer to Progress moving US oil and gas pipeline cybersecurity regulation and oversight from the TSA to the DOE? (HR 370) begins: H.R.370 died in the last Congress. The new bill for the 117th ...
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What are the most popular anarchist movements?

What are the largest anarchist organisations internationally by membership? I am curious about the relative popularity of different anarchist ideologies, to understand if say, anarcho-capitalism is ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Are all EP plenary vote results publically accessible? Where?

Recently I struggled to find the EP vote results in case of this regulation. Although it's marked as adopted on the EUR-LEX website, none of the related votes I could find on VoteWatch ended up ...
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Does the US have a central database listing every US citizen?

The discussion on a related question made me wonder. Let's say the US decides that starting tomorrow they want to verify the citizenship status of every single voter. Is there a central database they ...
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