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Questions tagged [death-penalty]

The death penalty involves executing people convicted of certain crimes (most often murder). It is politically controversial, since some feel that justice systems cannot correct an unjust conviction after an execution. Use this tag to discuss the politics about executions. Do not use this tag to discuss political executions

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Was it legal according to Ukrainian law to kill Illya Kyva?

BBC: Former Ukrainian MP Illya Kyva has been assassinated in Russia by Ukraine's SBU security service, law enforcement sources have told BBC Ukraine. "The criminal was liquidated by using small ...
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Is capital punishment more likely to be applied in India for terrorist acts?

So far there have only been 8 executions of the death penalty since 2000 in India and most of the cases are related to terrorism. According to this article recently a terrorist ran out of appeals both ...
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26 votes
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Why are Capital punishment methods so difficult to institute?

I have found it perplexing to understand that states employing Capital Punishment often struggle to craft a method of execution that is effective, reliable and procurable. Historically I believe that ...
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Why does a high number of capital punishments often attract international criticism?

Take, for example, a country like the United States. Firstly, the US has a relatively high homicide rate. Secondly, the US might not have enough money to keep large numbers of murderers in prison, as ...
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Suggested alternative to death penalty

Amnesty opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception – regardless of who is accused, the nature or circumstances of the crime, guilt or innocence or method of execution. Amnesty ...
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US government arguing for A death sentence while arguing against THE death sentence; does US Supreme Court Justice Barrett have a point?

ABC News's Justices divide sharply on reinstating Boston Marathon bomber death sentence begins: Reciting the gruesome details of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its violent aftermath, an ...
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Which crimes are the most common cause for the death penalty in China?

Which crimes are the most common cause for the death penalty in China? I recently came across a video showing a mass execution in China. Most of the "criminals" seemed to be young ladies. ...
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Why wasn't Hirohito tried at the end of WWII?

At the end of the Second World War many Japanese generals such as Tojo and Yamashita were tried and executed, but Hirohito wasn't tried and even continued as emperor. Why wasn't he tried while he was ...
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4 votes
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Political or legal reason why US jurisdictions don't update their lethal injection protocols?

Most states in the US that administer the death penalty, as well as the federal government, use lethal injection as their method of execution. In almost all of these jurisdictions, the method used is ...
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3 votes
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Why would the Chinese government want to forcibly harvest organs? [closed]

There are reports about China conducting forced organ harvesting. I'm not sure why the Chinese government would need to do this. If it was about money, I'd assume they'd have to sell the organs on a ...
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Conviction to execution; Why does it take so long for death row inmates to be executed in US?

Why do prisoners on death row have to wait sometimes as long as 20 years before they are executed? Given the heinous crimes that they have committed. Granted At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced ...
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Who decides the killing method used during capital punishment in the US?

31 US states, the federal government and the US military use the death penalty. However, I've seen in news reports that different convicts are executed in different ways. The usual method seems to be ...
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44 votes
6 answers

Why is the death sentence considered to be an unacceptable punishment in the Council of Europe, while life imprisonment is not?

I've always been baffled at the Council of Europe fight against the death sentence: on the one hand you have the rights of the prisoner and how a death sentence is too harsh for any crime. On the ...
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What arguments have modern societies used to support the introduction, re-introduction or maintenance of the Death Penalty?

Context As the world moves further into consolidating and enshrining International Human Rights it has been argued that the Death Penalty is a violation of those rights and wider statutes and treaties....
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Have there been any cases of hypoxia-induced executions in the US or elsewhere in the world?

Have there been any cases of cerebral hypoxia-induced executions in US or elsewhere in the world? (IE using altitude or N2O for asphyxiation) Since it is the most foolprooth and ethical method of ...
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Why did mostly liberal California vote for the death penalty?

On Election Day 2016 in California: A proposition to legalize cannabis won A proposition to repeal the death penalty lost The rest of the propositions were mostly liberal, and most of them won; also ...
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Reason behind cancelling Death sentence

Two of Delhi (India) gang rape criminal's death sentences are suspended, From Justice Verma's Report: 'The Verma Committee favoured comprehensive amendments to criminal laws seeking minimum 20 ...
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