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Questions related to the accrual of debt, may it be a nation, organization or person in a political landscape. Use this tag alongside the relevant tag in the context of the question i.e. a country if necessary.

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How does the public view financing policies by increasing the national debt?

A response to a comment here has caused me to wonder: how does the public view financing government programs by increasing public debt? To make this a more answerable question, I'm asking for answers ...
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What proportion of Chinese lending to Africa is interest-free, according to the World Bank?

I'm trying to figure out if some figures put out by Johns Hopkins CARI (China-Africa Research Initiative) in a WaPo piece include (or don't) the so-called "hidden lending" that China ...
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Did China bail out its local governments in 2011?

There's this rumor-ish CNBC piece from 2011 (which is actually quoting Reuters on this part) claiming that: China’s regulators plan to shift 2-3 trillion yuan ($308-463 billion) of debt off local ...
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Is there a ranking of countries based on debt, with unfunded liabilities included?

The "Truth In Accounting" website claims that the US has $123 trillion of debt, if "unfunded liabilities" are taken into account. Is there a global ranking of states based on such ...
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Joe Biden's Student Debt Plan and Public Service

Joe Biden says he will cancel up to $10,000 dollars of student debt for those who are in public service. Most media outlets are defining public service as "schools, gov't jobs, and non-profits.&...
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