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Questions tagged [democratic-party]

Questions related to the Democratic Party, one of the two major parties in the United States.

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Have Democrats in favour of abolishing the filibuster said anything about what happens if Democrats were to lose control of the Senate in the future?

Senator Joe Manchin has been consistently opposed to abolishing the filibuster, noting that the filibuster provides for minority input. I can assure you I will not vote to end the filibuster, because ...
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In the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, how is the allotment of pledged PLEO delegates to each candidate determined?

In the primaries, some of each state's delegates are legally bound "pledged" party leaders and elected officials (PLEOs), as opposed to the unpledged PLEOs that are commonly know as superdelegates. ...
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Attitudes of the two parties towards the central bank

The article on Economist Making Fed Great Again says: That matters because Republicans have long sought to overhaul the central bank by subjecting its monetary policy decisions to review by the ...
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Does Cenk Uygur support secret ballots in union elections?

Former Democratic Congressional candidate and liberal political talk show host Cenk Uygur talked to the Huffington Post about the unionization efforts of the employees at his digital media company The ...
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Who pays for national political conventions?

"There is certainly no money available from us for hosting this event," Cooper told reporters Thursday. (referring to hosting the RNC nominating convention) Nashville TN, Mayor Cooper said several ...
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How many superdelegates have endorsed voting for the plurality delegate winner to be the nominee?

On Wednesday’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Nevada, candidates were asked if they think that whoever gets a plurality of the pledged delegates should ultimately become the Democratic nominee, ...
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To what extent is Iowa a bellwether for the Democratic presidential candidates?

The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses are taking place today (February 3rd 2020), and are the first test of the candidates at the ballot box in the presidential primary season. By examining results from ...
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Are Democrats alleging that Russia tampered with the vote tallies?

In Belief in conspiracies largely depends on political identity, it's reported that many democrats reported positively to a question about whether Russia tampered with the vote tallies for the 2016 ...
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Does empirical evidence exist that suggests that African Americans and/or Latinos are more likely to be Republican if they are in the middle class?

While "poor", "middle class" and "upper class" can be defined differently (the US defines the poverty line 2 different ways by two different agencies) are there any studies that conclude in the US ...
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