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Questions related to the Democratic Party, one of the two major parties in the United States.

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Does empirical evidence exist that suggests that African Americans and/or Latinos are more likely to be Republican if they are in the middle class?

While "poor", "middle class" and "upper class" can be defined differently (the US defines the poverty line 2 different ways by two different agencies) are there any studies that conclude in the US ...
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Have any other Republican candidates for Congress accepted only the Democratic nomination? vice versa?

Bill Shuster inherited PA's 9th congressional district from his father in 2002. In most election cycles, he runs unopposed as the district is mostly Republican. This primary season he won the ...
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What was the Democrats' counter to REDMAP?

For the 2010 elections, Republicans created the Redistricting Majority Project (REDMAP) with the plan of flipping state legislative chambers to take control of the redistricting process. Did the ...
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Why do people call Bernie the most popular candidate when he's losing? [closed]

Recently I have seen many images on Facebook and elsewhere with pictures comparing large Bernie Sanders rallies to relatively small rallies for other candidates. Often these images have captions along ...
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Will there be a 10th US democratic primary debate? [closed]

There is an open slot on for a 10th debate in May, but the location and date are still TBD. Is this debate likely to take place?
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Sanders says he has no plans to quit before the final primary votes have been cast in June

Sanders says he has no plans to quit before the final primary votes have been cast in June. I want to know if there is statistics that shows his popularity diagram in the past year to see if it is ...
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Why did Hillary Clinton and her supporters think it was a good idea to demand Bernie Sanders' tax return?

From what I understand, Hillary Clinton and her supporters demanded that Bernie Sanders release his tax return, suggesting that he was refusing to do so and was hiding something, even though the ...
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In the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, how is the allotment of pledged PLEO delegates to each candidate determined?

In the primaries, some of each state's delegates are legally bound "pledged" party leaders and elected officials (PLEOs), as opposed to the unpledged PLEOs that are commonly know as superdelegates. ...
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How much money did Obama's Ebola czar Ron Klain donate to the Democratic Party?

I don't need the exact figure, I only want a rough estimation.
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Have Democrats gotten more liberal?

I'm a bit surprised by this Brookings Institute report on polarity showing Democrats becoming more liberal, though at one fourth the rate at which Republicans are becoming more conservative. The ...
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What makes California a Democratic state?

So, back in the 60s & 70s, California gave us Richard Nixon. In the 80s, President Reagan hailed from the state. At least as late as 1984, California was considered a safe Republican state. ...
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