Questions tagged [democratic-socialism]

Questions related to the ideology which promotes democracy alongside socialism (i.e. social ownership of the means of production).

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Has there ever been a socialist economy where production was controlled democratically by workers directly without Capitalists or auth-left parties?

What would essentially be democratic socialism. where the means of production are owned by workers unlike in the soviet union where workers' councils only had nominal power and were driven by the ...
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Can socialism and capitalism coexist in the same country?

I had a discussion with a friend because I would argue that Denmark is not a socialist country. We have a welfare state and therefore pay high taxes, however we have a free market and privately owned ...
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What is the difference between a socialist, a democratic socialist and a social democrat? [closed]

What are the primary differences between socialism, democratic socialism and social democracy? Are they simply three branches of a the same ideology? Primarily in theory, but if you can give any ...
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