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Questions tagged [deportation]

Questions relating to the expulsion of an individual or group from a country. Consider using with the [immigration] or [illegal-immigration] tag, as well as the appropriate country tag.

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Trump’s use of the term deportation

Trump promises "to launch the largest deportation operation"in history? You Tube - CBS News There is a debate currently in Italy on the use of the term “deportation” by Trump in a recent ...
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Keir Starmer: the Rwanda deportation scheme is "dead and buried". Is this more of a prediction, statement of policy, or statement of fact? [closed]

The BBC's July 7, 2024 Last two migrants bound for Rwanda to be bailed, home secretary says contains the following: On his first full day as prime minister, Sir Keir Starmer confirmed the Rwanda ...
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How many alleged Islamists does Spain deport or extradite in a year, roughly?

El Pais: Benhalima requested asylum in Spain, but Spain – which was the first country in the West to show its support for the Algerian regime when the protests broke out – refused his request. The ...
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Which Afghans is Pakistan deporting?

There are about 250,000 Afghans who arrived in Pakistan since 2021. And about 3 million in total, including those who arrived earlier. According to the first source, Pakistan has recently began ...
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Have there been any results of the CDC investigation in the Guatemala suspension of deportations allegedly due to Covid-19-infected deportees?

In an interesting twist of news from a month ago, Guatemala had suspended receiving deportations from the US saying that the US has sent them Covid-19-infected deportees. Well, one flight - the first ...
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