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Questions tagged [direct-democracy]

A direct democracy differs from the more common representative democracy in that all political decisions are put forth to the general voters to decide (i.e. a referendum) instead of elected representatives. Use for questions related to this form of government.

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How does direct democracy compare to representative democracy?

Back in the olden days of Greece, direct democracy was practiced. All citizens could vote directly on every issue decided by the state. This is significantly different to the representative ...
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Which nation is a direct democracy? (At the national scale)

The direct democracy Wikipedia's page only talk about Switzerland. Is there any other nation that uses this system at the national level? Edit 1: In a direct democracy (DD), I mean a system in which ...
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Why are binding referendums proposed directly by citizens so rare?

Switzerland has an interesting system where citizens may directly call for a legally binding referendum, ranging from a simple questions ("Should religious calls for prayers be prohibited?") to ...
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Where to draw a line between representative democracy and a direct democracy? [Focus on the *where*]

I realized while asking the question "Which nation is a direct democracy?" that it can't be answered without first drawing a line between a democracy direct and representative. It's not easy since ...
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What are the advantages of the US electoral college for presidential elections over a direct vote?

In what way does this improve the representation of smaller states beyond what would be provided by a direct vote?
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Have any systems of direct democracy ever been proposed that are specifically designed to mitigate the problem of "mob rule"?

A common argument against direct democracy is that it allows majority groups to unfairly discriminate against minorities; in motto form, "mob rule." Question. Have any systems of direct democracy ...
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What are the main arguments in favour and against general assemblies as legislative bodies?

The Swiss canton of Glarus still practices the concept of the Landsgemeinde. Quoting from Wikipedia: Eligible citizens of the canton meet on a certain day in the open air to decide on laws and ...
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Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy [closed]

Back in the days, direct democracy is where the will of the people is translated into public policy directly by the people themselves. And republic democracy was held by those eligible to vote, while ...
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