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Questions relating to the Democratic National Committee (the governing body of the United States' Democratic Party). For questions about the Democratic Party as a whole and not the National Committee in particular, please use the tag democratic-party.

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Do US House of Representatives members really need to "bring in a certain amount of donations, frankly, to get some top positions" on committees?

The following exchange between PBS's Geoff Bennett and Lisa Desjardin caught my attention (somewhat after 07:30) in the January 3, 2022 piece House adjourns until Wednesday after McCarthy fails to win ...
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Does the Democratic National Committee have a mission statement and foundational documents?

I'm looking for documents like an organizational charter that might be stable over years. National level, not state or local.
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What is the difference between votes cast at the DNC by states/territories and delegates won in the primaries/caucuses and why is there a disparity?

I'm watching the roll call from last night's DNC. I'm up to New Jersey and so far, only Sanders and Biden have been awarded any "votes". But Wikipedia says that Warren, Buttigieg, ...
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If superdelegates were abolished before the 2020 election, how did Biden win more votes in CA and NV?

I've looked all over for information but I just don't understand how the state by state votes are tallied during the convention. After watching the DNC broadcast tonight I was confused to see that ...
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What would happen if Biden died before becoming the nominee? [duplicate]

Let me preface this by saying that I hope Joe Biden doesn't die for any reason. Currently, 538's 2020 Democratic Primary forecast has >99% odds that Biden wins more than half of pledge delegates. ...
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What are the limits on how much Bloomberg could donate to the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020?

Mike Bloomberg is self funding his campaign and with a personal fortune of $65 billion. His campaign spending could be essentially limitless. With this amount of money he could radically outspend ...
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Why won't the Republicans (RNC) use a superdelegate system like the DNC in their nomination process?

Why won't the Republican National Committee (RNC) use a superdelegate system like the DNC in their nomination process? Is there a reason why they didn't push for this yet? What does the RNC think of a ...
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What safeguards has the DNC added to prevent a situation like what they did to Bernie Sanders in the last election (2016)?

Have there been any safeguards or special rule changes within the DNC to prevent an unfair primary process as with what happened to Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election cycle?
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Why is there no public outcry when the DNC gives control of a large part of their money to lobbyists? [closed]

In the news there has been a lot of talk about how campaign finance is bad because it allows lobbyists to give money to political parties to buy access. Nomiki Konst held a fiery speech about how a ...
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Who are the 5 consultants who got the $700-800 million from the DNC / Joint Fundraising Agreement Budget?

On the public meeting of the DNC Unity Reform commission Nomiki Konst said: We are talking about close to 700-800 million dollars between the Joint Fundraising Agreement and the DNC being spent on ...
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7 answers

Why did the DNC try to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination?

I recently read a few news articles talking about a class action lawsuit against the DNC for cheating Bernie Sanders out of the primaries. Is there any truth to these claims that there were concerted ...
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2 answers

How do half votes work in the DNC chair election?

The first round of the DNC chair election just passed. The results where Sally Boynton Brown 12 Keith Ellison 200 Jehmu Greene 0.5 Peter Peckarsky 0 Tom Perez 213.5 ...
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