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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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Should the right to vote and/or be voted for be restricted to the educated in the information era? [closed]

To me it seems only logical to expect in the information era some duties behind the rights to vote and being voted for, such as having a minimum of education, regardless whether you were given the ...
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In the U.S., are people with more education more likely to vote liberal?

In the U.S., are people with more education more likely to vote liberal and progressive, or is this merely a perception? If yes, is this true in general, or only for certain disciplines? Are there any ...
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What is Critical Race Theory (in the context of the recent flood of news articles that mention it)?

In recent years, I have observed a rapid increase in news articles* about courses in US schools and US enterprises that are allegedly "based on" Critical Race Theory, and these articles ...
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How does Israel teach the displacement of the Arab population in 1948 (Nakba)?

How do Israeli educational institutions go about teaching the Nakba? According to Wikipedia it can be summarized as following: The Nakba ("catastrophe", or "cataclysm"'), also ...
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How do Palestinian schools teach about the Holocaust?

How do schools in Palestine (at least those controlled by the Palestinian government) teach about the events of the Holocaust? What do their official textbooks say on the subject? Mirror question: How ...
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Why does having a college degree make a difference to how white Americans vote?

Four years after the 2016 election, it hasn't changed that the majority of non-college-degree white people support Trump's re-election, while the majority of college-degree white people don't. Why ...
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Why did Democrats oppose Ted Cruz's provision to allow funds from 529 plans to be used for homeschooling?

Senator Ted Cruz proposed an amendment to the recent tax reform bill to allow funds from 529 plans to be used for homeschooling1, but the Democrats voted against it and it did not make it into the ...
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How would one justify public funding for non-STEM (or unprofitable) college majors to a non college educated taxpayer?

I'm curious what kind of arguments one could give to justify to someone without a college education that they would have to pay for someone else's education that they themselves never received. With ...
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5 answers

Is democracy failing nowadays? [closed]

Democracy, in the shortest form is defined as "Government by the people". In the first sight it looks very nice, as if "people together" will judge and assess, which government is good and ultimately ...
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Is the "leftist" tendency in academia restricted to humanities?

This answer to a question about "leftist" academia led me to wonder if the observed tendency towards more progressive and liberal views in more educated people is a product of a chance drift ...
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7 answers

Why did the leftists usually win in the media front and education system?

I recently read that less than 3% of Ivy League professors (from Harvard and Yale) are conservative; the vast majority are liberal or very liberal. Also, most influential media are left-leaning. There ...
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Why does the media workforce lean liberal or democrat

There is some evidence that the mainstream news media workforce leans liberal, or at least towards democratic party candidates. There are many examples. One from the 2008 general election: The ...
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Does standard of living correlate with higher education? [closed]

This question aims at the correlation between a societies standard of living and standard of formal education. For example, over the past century, America has had the fortune of being a place with a ...
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How can Obama's free community college plan budget only $60B for 10 years? Paul Mulshine's article attacks Obama's claim that only $60B will cover ten years whereas ...
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Would it be justified for a libertarian state to ban certain religious schools?

From a libertarian perspective, public education system is not desirable in a free society, roughly because public education is a monopoly (in this case, of the State), which is based on the ...
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How does Florida's Governor DeSantis explain that Common Core is bad for Florida & why are Math textbooks referencing it rejected for use there?

The titles of CBS Miami's April 16, 2022 Florida Department Of Education Rejects Nearly Half Of Textbooks Submitted For Next School Year and Click Orlando's Florida education officials reject 54 math ...
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Where can I find a chart of education level by political party?

It must include libertarian, democrat, and republican. I tried to find one on Google, but could not. An acceptable alternative is IQ by political party. I found libertarian education statistics in a ...
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Does an increase in education cause an increase in the probability of voting?

I came across the following claim during a discussion: An increase in education causes an increase in the probability of voting. So I was interested whether there is any proof or research ...
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