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Democratic US Senator and former 2020 presidential candidate.

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Was Silicon Valley Bank's failure due to "Trump-era deregulation", and/or do Democrats share blame for it?

In CNN's March 13 2023 State of the Union clip Expert advises all depositors to get their money out of collapsed bank after 05:58, CNN's Kaitlan Collins introduces US Senator Elizabeth Warren's tweet: ...
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Is Bill Gates correct about Warren's tax plan? [closed]

In an interview Gates said: When you say I should pay $100 billion then I'm starting to do a little math about what I have... leftovers Turned out it was a joke, as he added "Just kidding". But ...
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What percentage of Warren supporters believed that only billionaires will literally pay for Medicare for all?

Elizabeth Warren recently came out declaring a Medicare for all plan that she claims will cost $20.5 trillion in New spending and would be no tax increases to middle income individuals. Josh Jamerson,...
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How [dis]similar are Trump's and Warren's (proposed) trade policies?

An AIER article says Today Congress is statutorily impeded from stopping a continued march toward autarky, lest there appears some bipartisan legislation structured to take it back. The problem is ...
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Warren vs Biden in the polls: how sudden was the change?

It's been pointed out to me (hat tip to dolphin_of_france) that some recent polling puts Warren ahead of Biden in the Democratic primary voting intention. How sudden was this change? How much [of this]...
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