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What evidence is there to show that the UK has become more polarised in recent years?

Anecdotally, I have found it to be taken as a given that currently, the UK is in one of its most politically polarised times; whether that is from newspapers, or from the opinion of my social circle. ...
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What does social/public-choice theory have to say about plural v. unitary executive?

There are many state-level offices in the US that are elected by the people other than the legislature and the Governor, in the executive (Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General, Secretary, oil & ...
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Correlation between companies' tariff exemptions/exclusions and political social media postings

The U.S. has recently had tariffs on the import of steel under two administrations by opposing political parties. I would assume, but don't know, that a 25% difference in the cost of raw materials ...
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Study to confirm that lying on the international level is less frequent than lying to own population

I have recently watched this presentation held by John Mearsheimer, professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago and he argues that political leaders lie way more frequent to their own ...
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Are there any peer reviewed studies into whether hate crime legislation decreases the frequency of hate crimes?

The title mostly says it all. I understand the motivation of hate crime legislation, and if it works I'm totally supportive of it. However, I'm curious if it works in practice. Are criminals really ...
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Is Immanuel Wallerstein's theory on capitalism and cognitive dissonance empirically verifiable?

In the past I have heard people assert that racism is caused by capitalism, and this has never really made sense to me. However, this answer references a theory by Immanuel Wallerstein that explains ...
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Empirical evidence regarding the effectiveness of writing to your representatives

Letter writing (including email) and phone call campaigns are popular actions people are called to participate in to create pressure and change legislator behavior. It's taken as axiomatic that this ...
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How strong is the association between the complexity of the electoral process and beliefs in voting fraud?

It's been suggested in a fairly upvoted answer to a related question that the complexity of the electoral/voting process is a main driver in beliefs in voting fraud, at least in developed countries. ...
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Is there systematic evidence that (campaign) "pivoting" doesn't work as well as it used to?

It's not hard to find punditry like [Trump's] chief campaign strategist Paul Manafort told Republican leaders that Trump’s been acting all along. “The part that he’s been playing,” Manafort insisted, ...
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Do bipartisan/cohabitation budgets widen the deficit more than one-party budgets?

I've read in a paper that I can't find araing right now that supermajority requirements (in state budgets) tend increase deficit spending because more "pork barrel" interest are included. If we ...
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Which (subjective) measure of corruption is the best predictor for an outsider winning a major election?

There's a (somewhat vague) theory that once the electorate starts to believe the political system is corrupt, it is more likely to vote for an outsider (someone who hasn't had a long political career) ...
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Is door-to-door canvassing common in America?

In the UK, most people can expect to be canvassed at home, in the form of party volunteers knocking on their door and trying to have a conversation with them in order to persuade them to vote for ...
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Are there any scientific studies supporting the political claim that ethnic diversity is a strength?

Barack Obama once said: America’s diversity is our strength. Our immigration system is broken, but we can’t undermine fundamental principles that define us as a nation in order to fix it. We have to ...
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