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Questions tagged [estonia]

Questions related to the Republic of Estonia.

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Why has NATO ignored Russia moving Estonian buoys?

According to the Estonian Police and Border Guard, Russia has moved the buoys from Narva River
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How can Estonia give "all" of their 155mm howitzers to Ukraine?

Kaimo Kuusk, the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine apparently announced that: We are giving all our 155mm howitzers to Ukraine. I can't see how an army would agree to give all their artillery in that ...
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Is there a constitutional contradiction to prohibit discrimination based on nationality while restricting voting right based on nationality?

Many countries have constitutional provisions which prohibit discrimination based on certain characteristics (i.e. age, nationality, etc) while also - within the same constitution - having ...
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How did Toomas Hendrik Ilves get US citizenship and where/when/why did he give it up? (former president of Estonia and curious character)

The question Do foreign heads of state or government have to give up a US citizenship if they have it? reminded me of the curious character Toomas Hendrik Ilves, " Estonian politician who ...
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How long did it take Warsaw pact countries until their NATO memberships were ratified?

The current NATO members entered the coalition in waves: 1949: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The United States 1952: ...
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How does Estonia calculate the date of their parliamentary election?

The Estonian Constitution has a narrowly defined date for its parliamentary election. Constitution of Estonia: Regular elections to the Riigikogu shall be held on the first Sunday in March of the ...
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Why do certain countries mandate that election must happen in a certain month?

I understand that it can be favorable to create a predictable timetable for elections, however, I don't understand why certain countries decide to time their elections in a certain month. Example: In ...
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