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Questions related to the Republic of Estonia.

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How did Toomas Hendrik Ilves get US citizenship and where/when/why did he give it up? (former president of Estonia and curious character)

The question Do foreign heads of state or government have to give up a US citizenship if they have it? reminded me of the curious character Toomas Hendrik Ilves, " Estonian politician who ...
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How long did it take Warsaw pact countries until their NATO memberships were ratified?

The current NATO members entered the coalition in waves: 1949: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The United States 1952: ...
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How does Estonia calculate the date of their parliamentary election?

The Estonian Constitution has a narrowly defined date for its parliamentary election. Constitution of Estonia: Regular elections to the Riigikogu shall be held on the first Sunday in March of the ...
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Why do certain countries mandate that election must happen in a certain month?

I understand that it can be favorable to create a predictable timetable for elections, however, I don't understand why certain countries decide to time their elections in a certain month. Example: In ...
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