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Questions related to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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Who is helping the Tigray TDF?

Last year the Ethiopian army quickly overran the capital of Tigray (Mekelle) and drove the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) into the mountains, caves, forests etc., seemingly turning the conflict into a ...
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Controversial Tigray regional election

As I understand it, one of the points of contention in the conflict between the government of Ethiopia and the Tigray region are contested regional elections in September at 2020. These have been ...
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Why did the Afar forces (allegedly) attack the Somali town of Garbaiisa?

I'm confused on the possible reason for the attack in July 2021 (allegedly) carried out by Afar forces in Garbaiisa, a town in the neighboring region of Somali (not to be confused with the independent ...
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Why is Egypt not able to stop the building of a dam in Ethiopia?

I was watching this video. This video portrays Egypt as a victim of the dam built by Ethiopia. Egypt is a regional power with arguably the strongest military in Africa. It is also well-connected to ...
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Did the USA meet its goals for leading Ethiopia to invade Somalia in 2006? [closed]

It lead to the rise of Al Shabaab and the return of anarchy in Somalia. What was the USA aiming to achieve, and did they achieve it?
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Is it permissible under international law to militarily attack a country/region if it's conducting a total blockade, including of foodstuff?

Tigray (TDF) regional authorities say they are now attacking the neighboring Amara and Afar regions (which have different regional governments under Ethiopia's federal constitution) because Tigray ...
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