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Questions about the Council of the European Union. Not to be confused with the council of Council of Europe, use [council-of-europe] for that.

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Can a minister be removed from the Council of the EU?

In law, is there any provision that enables a minister to be removed from their position in the Council of the EU? Is there a removal process? What about the European Council? Is there any way to ...
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What is the difference between The Council of Europe and the European Union?

There seem to be two separate bodies which are trying to foment more collaboration and cooperation between Europe The Council of Europe European Union There are a couple of links which try to ...
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2 answers

What does the EU want from China, more precisely, as Charles Michel sees it?

Reuters has these quotes from a Sep 14 article: “Europe needs to be a player, not a playing field,” European Council President Charles Michel told reporters following a video summit with Xi. “We want ...
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How isn't the European Council included as a Privileged Applicant in Art 263 TFEU?

Nigel Foster. EU Law Directions 6 ed. 2018. p. 241 Privileged Privileged applicants are named by Article 263 TFEU as the member states, the Council, and the Commission, and, ...
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Are EU members allowed to trade their EU council veto in a quid pro quo with a third country?

The EU council sometimes uses unanimity to decide on sensitive matters. Can a member state trade its vote in a quid pro quo with a third country? I'm specifically wondering if there is anything in the ...
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2 answers

Can the UK veto its own extension request?

Every member of the EU has to agree any extension to article 50. Does this mean the UK PM could (technically) use his vote in the European Council to veto his own request for an extension?
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1 answer

Why is Manfred Weber being opposed to as the next head of the European Commission?

Per this article: Frans Timmermans, a self-confessed anglophile who is fluent in seven languages, appears to be in pole position to head the commission from 1 November as leaders meet on Sunday ...
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How are decisions taken in the European Council?

The European Council sets the impetus of the EU. Treaty change is made here too. How are decisions taken in the European Council? Is it unanimity?
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Do specific Council of Ministers configurations run on rotation?

There are a number of different configurations for the Council of Ministers, each corresponding to a policy area. Do these configurations gather ad-hoc or on rotation?