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For questions regarding the parliament of the European Union.

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What would a delayed Brexit mean for the 2019 European Parliament election?

One proposal for the current political situation in the UK regards Brexit is a delay of the Brexit for further discussions/votes/elections/referenda/... But we have the 2019 European Parliament ...
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How often did the European Parliament use its optional secret ballot rule?

According to Wikipedia: If at least 20% of the Parliament requests it before voting begins, the vote will be taken by secret ballot. Citing (the 2nd para of) EP Rule 169, which is actually a bit ...
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Why are British voters more likely to back the main parties in general elections than in European Parliament elections?

Recently, in the United Kingdom European Union Parliamentary elections, the Brexit Party won the most seats, with 30.5% of the vote. There are claims from Nigel Farage and others that the Brexit Party ...
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How to explain the importance of European Parliament elections to a regular folk living in Eastern Europe?

European Parliament elections are coming in 2019 and on several occasions I have heard various public figures arguing about their importance and that it is very important to show up and vote. However, ...
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Did the Brexit Party "dominate" EU elections in the UK?

According to the BBC headline the Brexit Part "dominated" the EU election results: Yet if you look at the actual numbers it seems that they polled ...
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Is membership in the European Parliament compatible with membership in the Electoral College for Non-Residents?

When browsing through the lists of candidates for the elections for the Electoral College Non-Residents in The Netherlands on 15 March 2023, I recognised some names of candidates who are currently ...
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Why is the voter turnout at EU level so low compared to national elections?

The voter turnout in the European elections in Germany in 2019 for instance was only around 62%. Notable this is still much higher than it was in previous EU elections there… Additionally the voter ...
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Where can I find the vote distribution of an EU directive?

Recently the EU Parliament voted on the “Copyright Directive”. I would like to know exactly which parties/individuals voted for and against this directive. I have been looking for this information ...
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How long does it take, before the details of an EU parliament decision get published? [closed]

I wanted to check the voting outcomes and how individually was being voted for the regulation that passed yesterday by the EU. So I checked the sources given by Where can I find which MEP voted for ...
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What is the purpose of electing European Parliament since the institution which propose new laws is European Commission?

According to EU organisation: The Commission proposes and implements laws which are in keeping with the objectives of the EU treaties. The members of European Commission are proposed by the ...
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