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Political questions related to expatriates or those residing in a country other than their native country. Use a country tag where appropriate. For more general questions, consider .

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How do citizens of immigrant heavy countries perceive patriotism and nationalism? [closed]

There are countries in the world that are immigrant-heavy. E.g. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Other countries are monolithic. E.g. Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, etc. Suppose, Mr. X is ...
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Why do the governments of expatriates not subsidize/fund language education for their expatriate's children? [closed]

Why do the governments using language X of expatriates not subsidize/fund X language education for their expatriate's children? If they want to make their expatriates and the children to return, they ...
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What is the basis on which expats are allowed to vote in their home countries? [duplicate]

Despite being an expat (having a long-term permanent residence in a another country and not paying any taxes or similar obligations back in my country of citizenship), I still have the right to vote ...
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What prevents a government from taxing its citizens living abroad?

South Africa recently introduced new legislation that means many citizens working abroad that were previously exempt from paying income tax are now required to do so. It is also common knowledge that ...
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How can French politicians prevent the US from collecting taxes from expats?

According to : « Le problème principal, c’est que la fiscalité américaine est basée sur la nationalité, en contradiction avec les règles de l’OCDE, estime l’eurodéputée française ...
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If a country is annexed, what happens to the citizenship of expats?

If a country were to be annexed by another (for example, Latvia by Russia), what happens to the citizenship of Latvians abroad? For example, do they keep their EU freedom of movement rights?
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How is voting by expatriates justified?

Expatriates are people who left their country of citizenship voluntarily for personal reasons (or children of such people). This means that, while they may return, they are currently abroad. Whatever ...
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