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Fascism is largely the ideology in which an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization accrues power. Questions may not be about applying the term to current politicians.

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Do the AfD need special protection for their events and leaders? [closed]

The leaders of the German AfD party claim to be under attack. Alice Weidel fled to Mallorca, and Tino Chrupulla claimed to have been attacked by an injection. They requested more protection of their ...
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How is the term Fascism used in current U.S. political context?

Recent Italian political election brought to power three political parties which are generally referred to as “the Right”. The bigger party (headed by current PM Giorgia Meloni) is actually the one ...
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Is Putin far right? [duplicate]

Putin's regime is authoritarian and unfair, in my humble opinion. But he is being called a fascist, and of course, he can be as evil as anyone and not be fascist. But is his regime far right? In other ...
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What are some examples of Ur-Fascist Newspeak?

I'm a big proponent of Umberto Eco's definition of Fascism that he gives in his essay Ur-Fascism; I find it really helps break down the very nebulous and poorly defined - but unmistakeable - concept ...
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Understanding how Fascism showed that direct government is not same as self-government

Harold Joseph Laski in his book Parliamentary Government in England writes: Direct government, in short, is not the same thing as self-government; it may, indeed, as the experience of Fascist ...
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What specific political traits classify a political leader as a fascist?

Background Fascism does not have an easy clear cut definition. However, several figures throughout history are identified as unambiguously fascist, with Mussolini belonging to the original fascist ...
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Can politics be described in epidemiological terms?

The Matrix, a famous 1999 Wachowski movie set in a near dystopian cyperpunk future, deals with a "neuro-interactive simulation" that was created by out-of-control machines and pulled over ...
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Is the Chinese system becoming more Fascist than Capitalist?

PREFACE Over the past 30 years, the economic transformation of China has greatly improved the lives of the Chinese people. However, under the reign of Xi Jinping, China has begun to assert its power ...
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The meaning of "right" in Italian Fascism

In laying out the foundation for fascism, Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini wrote two essays in the 1920s and 30s known as, "La Dottrina del Fascismo". Gentile authored the first essay titled "...
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Who are the main interests behind a culture that Henry Giroux calls the dictatorship of Ignorance?

Henry Giroux, in an article in writes: The designers of a new breed of fascism increasingly dominate major political formations and other commanding political and economic institutions ...
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How does Hitler's interpretation of "Nationalist Socialism" relate to the modern interpretation of "Socialism" and "Nationalism"?

I noticed a lot of hate focused on the idea of Nazism, especially with Hitler's reputation and whatnot. But I was wondering, because Hitler's scheme was far from 'socialist' and more fascist than '...
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Is it fascist/racist to doubly punish for people who live in "poor" areas? [closed]

Suppose a government is going to doubly punish for crimes committed by people who live in certain areas. Those areas are selected by a combination of all of the following criteria: lots of foreigners ...
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Defining fascism in the background of communism [duplicate]

We have an intense discussion going on between the fact of whether the Soviet Union was a fascist state or not. Our doubt lies in fascism as an opposite to communism and we wonder if the Soviet ...
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Is Fascism ideologically descended from communism?

Georges Sorel was a Marxist, who later developed Sorelianism, which later became Fascism. To quote Benito Mussolini himself: I owe most to Georges Sorel. This master of syndicalism by his rough ...
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Is fascism left or right wing?

With the rise of some groups claiming to fight fascism, and other groups claiming the ones claiming to fight fascism are the fascists, I was reading about fascism in Wikipedia. There fascism is ...
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What is Antifa?

I've seen a lot of people across the political spectrum mention this thing called "Antifa" by name, usually to criticize it, and present it as the "other equally bad side" in the eternal left vs right ...
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Conditions for socialism? [closed]

Historically, fascism and extreme right wing movements have become popular in response to certain conditions. These conditions include: real or perceived economic instability at the national level ...
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Does the word "fascism" mean anything anymore? [closed]

The word "fascism" gets used frequently these days. Does it have any relevance or weight anymore? If so, does the word fascism denote a certain left or right political bias?
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Can fascism exclude traditionalism?

Fascist ideologies are almost always defined as traditionalist, in terms of nationalism and religion. Would a political ideology that involved the fascist-style authoritarianism and collectivism but ...
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What is the fascist argument for Marxism being a Jewish conspiracy?

How do fascists reason that communism is a Jewish conspiracy? To me general fascist / white nationalist rhetorical strategy seems like a complete refusal of approaching communism on its own terms. ...
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Can the SNP and Plaid Cymru be accurately categorized as national socialists?

Can the SNP and Plaid Cymru be accurately categorized as national socialists ? They are nationalist parties with a left wing economic and social agenda. If this is the case how can the high level of ...
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How do today's Germans perceive the Nazis

I am curious about the perceptions of Germans today with regard to their country's past? What do they generally have to say about Hitler and the events of the holocaust?
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Does banning of anti-democratic parties violate principles of democracy? [closed]

In recent years, due to problems of mass immigration in Europe, there's a rise of far-right parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary, BNP in Britain, NPD in Germany, etc. Governments ...
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Was there antisemitism in fascist Italy?

I often hear that Nazism is equal to fascism and such. Was there antisemitism and other kinds of repression against minorities in fascist Italy?
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Did the Socialist and the Fascist party share the electoral programme in Italy?

I was taught that in the early twenties the Socialist and the Fascist parties programmes were more or less identical, except for just one nationalist clause in the Fascist party's programme. Despite ...
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What is the difference between fascism and nazism?

Many politicians and social groups use "fascism" and "nazism" synonymously, and this has confused me (and maybe others) for a long time. Is there any big difference between them, or are the ...
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