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Questions about the Federal Communications Commission of the United States with regard to government or politics

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"Make the net neutral again" Has the Biden administration successfully restored US internet neutrality? Safeguards in place to keep it that way?

Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (2017 to 2021) Ajit Pai had been outspoken against net neutrality since at least 2014 and once head of the FCC worked to undo it: Net ...
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Is it tradition for the US President to nominate the apposing party leadership's suggestions for 2 opposite party FCC commissioners?

I was recently in an argument with someone who claimed that Obama put Aji Pal as the chairman, which isn't true, but he did put him as one of five commissioners. And I thought, why would Obama do ...
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Can a TV Network refuse to air political Ads they do not agree with? [duplicate]

Can a TV Broadcaster legally refuse to air Political Ads under FCC rules & precedent governing political advertising if a registered political candidate or PAC were to air perceived negative ...
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Could Obama have legally appointed a third party or more than three Democrats to the FCC?

I've read the president's party can only have a 3-2 majority in the FCC? Is this a law or a tradition? And, is there anything that prohibits the president from appointing a different minority to the ...
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What are the major points of contention for Net Neutrality in the courts?

The FCC just voted to dismantle net neutrality. This was expected, and now the decision goes to the DC circuit court then potentially the Supreme Court. If I understand it correctly, this court has ...
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What are the main arguments against net neutrality?

With the upcoming FCC vote to abolish net neutrality provisions in the United States, I have read a tremendous amount about why net neutrality is a good thing and should be kept. What I haven't seen ...
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Why does Federal Communications Commission want to reverse Title II net neutrality?

Stackoverflow Blog has recently added an article about FCC's desire to reverse Title II net neutrality. The short version: A few years back, the United States Federal Communication Commission, in ...
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