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2 answers

How is a political party funded? Solely based on donations less than $3300 (maximum allowed)?

Where does the DNC/RNC (or any political party) get its money? Is it mostly from individuals donating who want to see change? If so, are those donations capped at $3300 per individual per election? Or ...
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Aukus deal. Was Australia called in to share ballooning development costs?

The Aukus deal is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the Uk and the US. The biggest part of the pact is the acquisition of nuclear powered submarines jointly developed by the three ...
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Does public spending involving religious organizations (i.e. the Church) follow the same transparency rules as for other public spending?

Several months ago, a Romanian NGO's investigation (Recorder - The Clan of the Great White) revealed that the public spending involving the Romanian Orthodox Church seems to be very opaque. I am ...
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How does the government pay for large purchases?

What are the logistics of the government purchasing an aircraft carrier? ACH has a 9 digit limit for example. Do they enter 10 separate payments for a $10B aircraft carrier into Netsuite and click &...
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3 votes
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How does the public view financing policies by increasing the national debt?

A response to a comment here has caused me to wonder: how does the public view financing government programs by increasing public debt? To make this a more answerable question, I'm asking for answers ...
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8 answers

Why isn’t the tax system continuous rather than bracketed?

In some countries like the US the tax system is bracketed rather than continuous. There would be some obvious trade offs, but would it be worth considering eliminating the marginal, bracketed tax ...
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Why are payment processors politically inserting themselves into Internet police-dom? [closed]

It seems that you can't go for more than a couple of weeks without hearing a politically-charged story of how payment processors are meddling with their clients business. Stripe, Paypal, Mastercard, ...
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3 votes
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Is the Heathrow expansion decision conditional upon private parties finding financing?

The UK House of Commons voted on approving Heathrow expansion, or at least, that's how it is described in the media. At closer scrutiny, however, it looks like the vote is just about a government ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Has the UK government stated how Heathrow expansion will be financed?

The UK House of Commons is about to vote on proposed Heathrow expansion today, for which the UK government has reportedly promised No cost to taxpayers. According to an article in the Financial Times,...
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What are the reasons behind China lifting foreign ownership limits on automakers?

It is reported: China announced a timeline for lifting ownership limits on foreign automakers Tuesday, meeting a longtime demand of the United States and other countries seeking better access ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Does the USPS post office lose $6 billion per year and require taxpayer bailouts every year?

This video says the USPS requires a $6 billion bailout every year. Why does it need a bailout every year? When did the USPS first offer pensions? Was the USPS underfunding their pensions? What would ...
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32 votes
3 answers

Can the US president unilaterally hurt Congress members financially?

Recently, the US president posted yet another tweet, stating that: If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end ...
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What political aspects prevent land purchases in North America moving national borders? [closed]

The border between the US and Mexico is about 1,952 miles long. The current US president, known for making real estate deals, previously wanted to build a large wall along the entire length of the ...
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If Russia is funding right-wing politicians within the EU, why doesn't the EU return the favor and start funding Putin's opponents in Russia?

There are numerous reports about how Russia is financing right-wing politicians within the EU in order to unbalance the Union. But why doesn't the EU return the favor and start funding people like ...
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How would the cost for health insurance change in Germany, if 40% instead of 90% were part of statutory insurance?

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. About 90% of the citizens are covered by statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung), whereas the other 10% are covered by private health ...
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Criminal behavior by US Diplomatic appointees? [closed]

Aside from Obama fundraiser, Howard Gutman (Pictured Above, the one who is not a smurf) Anything along the lines of The Vaticans?. Are there any examples of sexual or criminal scandals amongst any ...
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What is the current impact of TARP (bank bailout) on US deficit?

As far as I am aware, at least some of the money that was given by US Government under TARP was paid back to the government. As such, how much of the ~$800 Billion was given back to the treasury and ...
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