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A financial penalty imposed by a government of oversight entity.

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How much revenue do governments generate from fines, penalties, etc.?

Recently, I got a fine from the Dutch government for forgetting to pay my taxes on time. I wonder how much revenue governments generate through fines of various sorts, like speeding tickets or ...
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What sanctions is the UK parliament considering against social media executives?

According to a recent article by the Guardian, a new digital watchdog will be set up with the power to impose fines upto 10% of global revenue. In the case of Facebook, this will be upto £10 billion. ...
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How can the EU collect money for the fines issued by the EU's Court of Justice?

Poland was recently fined by The EU's Court of Justice for keeping the Turów coal mine open. The same article mentions that the Polish Prime Minister would not comply with the order. I am wondering ...
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What allows the House of Representatives to fine its members and is there precedent for doing so?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some House members are proposing a fine for members who bypass the security protocols of the House or fail to wear a mask on the floor. Lawmakers will be fined $500 on a ...
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What happens to money paid in fines?

Recently, Facebook agreed to settle a data privacy issue by paying 5 billion dollars in the United States, in an action brought by the FTC. What does the government do with all that money?
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Where Does Money from the EU's Microsoft Fine Go?

There are cases when a government will bring charges against an organization which includes a fine. One case I think of is the EU fining Microsoft millions because they bundled their media player ...
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