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Questions tagged [first-amendment]

Questions about the first amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Has there been policy direction to reform US attitudes towards free speech and assembly?

In the US, 1st Amendment includes not only free speech, but also freedom of assembly. A civil rights attorney working for Harvard Law School posted the contrasting two-scene video below, showing ...
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Is the US house anti-zionism resolution unconstitutional?

Reading "House Passes Resolution Declaring Anti-Zionism A Form Of Antisemitism—Some Democrats Are Critical" The House on Tuesday approved a GOP-led resolution that condemns antisemitism and ...
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What arguments support claims that the Biden Administration used "threat and coercion" when telling social media that they "have to take speech down"?

In the July 6, 2023 PBS Newshour video Judge limits government's contact with social media companies after GOP states sue after about 02:00, Host Amna Nawaz begins: ..Several Republican state ...
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What would violate First Amendment rights by government action on social media?

The Twitter Files have been released over recent weeks. There have been quite a few claims, counter claims, people with their metaphorical hair metaphorically on-fire, etc., about exactly what ...
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Why hasn't the Supreme Court found the Hatch Act unconstitutional?

The Hatch Act is a law that was passed in 1939. It says that Cabinet employees as well as other non-presidential Executive Branch members cannot talk about candidate-specific issues among other things....
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Arguments for and against forcing religious organizations to pay taxes (United States) [closed]

In the United States, currently, religious organizations are not required to pay taxes The first amendment doesn’t prevent religious organizations from paying taxes, link https://www....
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Is it unconstitutional for a public US official to block someone on social media for disagreement?

I read that public officials blocking people on Twitter goes against the 1st amendment. So, what is the difference? President Trump blocked someone on Twitter. A court got involved and said that this ...
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What protections does the 1st Amendment offer US citizens in terms of local and state law?

With the George Floyd protests going on I keep seeing news about curfews as early as 6pm, police driving by peaceful gatherings and firing chalk rounds or arresting people for illegal gatherings, I ...
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What rights do I have as an American citizen when major social websites censor certain news stories or other public opinions? [closed]

Are we not entitled as American citizens to expect U.S. based social web empires like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., to let us determine for ourselves what is factual and what is not as ...
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Why aren't the Congressional limits on press coverage during the Trump impeachment trial considered a breach of the first amendment?

Congress is proposing rules that would severely limit press coverage of the impeachment of Donald Trump, restricting where reporters may locate themselves and dramatically restructuring the way that ...
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Would it be illegal for Facebook to actively promote a political agenda?

There's a lot of discussion in the past years on whether or not Facebook is using their platform to promote a certain political agenda and influence elections. Facebook denies such accusations but ...
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Fake News: How can a government of and by the people address the problem? [closed]

The Washington Post today published an article titled ‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America [no paywall.] The article lays out examples of how our media (social or ...
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What are the rules, laws, and procedures to approve and remove press members from white house press conferences?

In November 2018, an event in American politics involved a certain reporter for CNN, Jim Acosta, having his press credentials revoked by the White House, thereby barring his access to the White House ...
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Why is paid lobbying considered a form of 'free speech'?

I've had discussions about making PAID lobbying illegal with a few people and the consensus I receive back is, "It's a form of free speech. They're protected by the first amendment" I don't ...
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How does the argument go that gerrymandering restricts freedom of association?

According to a the Washington Post's The Supreme Court will examine partisan gerrymandering in 2017. That could change the voting map.: One thing that distinguished Whitford from the many previous ...
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Is Trump’s barring of select media outlets from White House press conferences a violation of the First Amendment?

I asked this question at where it was closed as opinion-based. From the New York Times: [...] Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, barred journalists from The New York ...
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Did Governor Cuomo suspend First Amendment rights?

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo of New York issued an executive order that public funding will be slashed from all companies or businesses operating in the state of New York that openly boycott or sanction ...
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