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Questions relating to fishing policies.

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What "whizzy new tools" in space are America and its allies using to track China’s military activity and illegal fishing? (The Economist) [closed]

Background and evidence of research effort The non-paywalled part of the Economist's August 15, 2023 Keeping tabs on China’s murky maritime manoeuvres; America and its allies are using whizzy new ...
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Is it the Chinese government's responsibility to monitor and punish Chinese fishing ships illegally entering a country's EEZ to fish illegally?

Is it the Chinese government responsibility to monitor and punish Chinese fishing ships illegally entering a country EEZ to fish illegally? According to Business Insider: Since 2018, hundreds of ...
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Why does the fishing industry have such a powerful lobby in Europe?

Fishing has been the last issue blocking the ratification of the Brexit and is seemingly the primary reason why Iceland and Norway have refused to join the EU. But why is the fishing lobby so powerful?...
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Why don't the UK and EU agree to fish only in their territorial waters?

In following the ongoing Brexit negotiations, I notice that fishing rights in UK waters is a sticking point, e.g. But the two sides have yet to narrow gaps on two of the thorniest issues: fishing ...
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Post-Brexit Fisheries deal [closed]

While progress has been made in many areas of the Brexit negotiations, Fisheries and the Level-playing-field continue to be sticking points. In particular, the EU has so far rejected a Norway-style ...
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Common Fishing Policy and Super trawlers

The activity of Super Trawlers is making the news again given their continued efforts whilst most smaller boats were subject to lockdown restrictions. Greenpeace is pushing for a ban on supertrawlers ...
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What mechanisms are available to seek compensation from the UK in relation to Brexit-related disputes?

France (and possibly other EU members) are threatening to take legal action against the UK if their fishermen are significantly disadvantaged after Brexit, including under 'No-deal'. French President ...
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How do EU countries negotiate (and divide among themselves) fishing quotas outside of EU waters?

Let's say the Netherlands wants to fish in the EEZ of Sierra Leone. Is the EU as body involved in this at all? Or does the Netherlands negotiate fishing rights with the non-EU country in question, ...
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Does the EU Common Fisheries Policy cover British Overseas Territories?

Looking at what makes up the UK Exclusive_economic_zone (EEZ) it totals 6,805,586 square km. But of these only 773,676 square km are around UK proper and 426 around Gibraltar. The vast majority are ...
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What is the practical implication of the Dec 2018 Fisheries bill amendment?

I'm trying to figure out if the UK 2018 Fisheries bill amendment (if it even exists) has any practical implications for quotas or is basically declarative. As reported in the Express: The Environment ...
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What is the strongest case that can be made in favour of the UK regaining some control over fishing policy after Brexit?

I am a little baffled by the prominence of fishing in the debates over the UK's decision to leave the EU. The fact that the UK may regain control over fishing policy has had high visibility. However, ...
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How is fishing in the European Union structured?

As an island in the Atlantic the UK has the right to fish large swathes of ocean off its coast: a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ). I think this is how it works inside the EU: the UK ...
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