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Questions tagged [foreign-direct-investment]

Questions about investment from an entity based in one country into a business in another country.

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What's the reasoning behind China's Go Out policy, did they publish a white paper or made any public statement explaining the reasoning behind it?

Most nations favour attracting inward foreign investment, and support outward foreign investment only passively.[citation needed] The People's Republic of China, however, attaches importance to both ...
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What countries have imposed an investment monitoring system against China besides the United States?

From a 2023-08-20 Forbes article titled ‘Will Europe Restrict Chinese Investment Into The EU?’: Pressure for such a policy has come from the Dutch, the Germans (Greens) and some smaller states. To ...
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Why does Biden administration want to ban some Chinese investment in US companies in the clean energy sector?

Based on President Biden signed an executive order on Thursday designed to sharpen the federal government’s powers ...
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Is it possible for a country to grow its economy without foreign investment?

China's economic development is often heavily attributed to direct foreign direct investment (FDI) during the late 70's through 90's. Is FDI absolutely necessary for a country to grow its industry? If ...
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Do Russian oil investments abroad fall into the scope of the sanctions?

In response to the Ukrainian war Europe, the US and few more countries have set up some sanctions against Russian interests, including Russian oil production. However Russian oil and gas companies ...
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Is the UK taking any steps towards better regulation of foreign investments after Russia started the invasion of Ukraine?

The Guardian suggests that Russian oligarchs used some legal loopholes to invest in UK, thus managing to secure some of their assets. The same article cites possible solutions for happening this in ...
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How much "Russian money" have Russian oligarchs injected into the UK's economy and contributed to UK politicians?

The following compares statements by two very disparate British commentators, Christopher Steele and the fictional reporter Johnathan Pie. Steele The notes below Sky News' April 1, 2022 Beth Rigby ...
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Is it common to ban foreign ownership of media companies?

Polish channel TVN24 was in the news recently over an attempt to force it to change owners: The draft bill, which was submitted to Parliament on July 7 by a group of PiS lawmakers, would amend ...
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Do we have a political term for the situation when a weak country milks from two stronger countries which are enemies of each other?

Do we have a political term for the situation when a weak country milks from two country which are enemies of each other? My research includes, studying about debt-trap, and other questions here. So I ...
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Which Inspector General oversees CFIUS?

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency panel in the US government which reviews the national security implications of foreign investment in the United ...
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Can the US Government demand money in exchange for CFIUS approval?

President Trump said this to reporters today, regarding his phone call with the CEO of Microsoft about Microsoft’s interest in buying Chinese social media company TikTok: I did say that if you buy it,...
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Why does the U.S. keep pushing "the debt trap" narrative in Africa when China is not the major source of debt distress in Africa? We find that Chinese loans are not currently a ...
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Do polls indicate support for post-Brexit freer trade?

The Bank of England Brexit GDP scenarios show a blue area depicting a "close relationship" scenario and a "less close" relationship scenario. It is clear that when they use the label "less close" they ...
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'Fair and equitable treatment' clause in the context of bilateral investment treaties

In the context of bilateral investment treaties (BITs), what is a fair and equitable treatment (FET) clause? How does it work? The abstract of this paper describes FETs, however, it's aimed at ...
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