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Questions related to laws that allow non-government officials to request data from governments or its agencies.

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Has any recent academic research been done on the comparative performance of FOIA response speeds by different European governments?

Recently, I took part in a large, international investigative journalistic project on dumps of oily waste water by ships. In that context, I did a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the ...
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How will Russians get reliable information? [closed]

Wikipedia: Article 29(5) of the Constitution of Russia states, "The freedom of the mass media shall be guaranteed. Censorship shall be prohibited." New York Times, March 4, 2022: Russia ...
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What "processing" is necessary when releasing documents for a FOIA request?

The story is online: Overall it looks like the FDA can process 500 pages per ...
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To whom could one make a FoI request regarding the Afghanistan evacuation

In February 2020 the US administration of Donald Trump agreed the withdrawal of US troops with the Taliban by May 2021, without including the Afghan government in the deal. One would presume at that ...
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Why Freedom of Information can be denied for something that costs above £450?

To get some information, a person needs to pay some charges which is understandable. Most requests are free but you might be asked to pay a small amount for photocopies or postage. The organisation ...
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Question on Access to Voter Lists on a State by State Basis [duplicate]

In the United States, who (individual, group of individuals, political party) has access to state voter lists that indicate whether or not the given registered voters had voted in (i) the last general ...
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Is there any way I request a copy of any of my phone calls the US government has recorded over the years?

We learned through the Snowden revelations that the United States government was surveilling nearly every person in the United States and in a handful of other countries via drag-net methods. I was ...
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How can Italy make the statement that 651 died on March 21 at 5:30 PM of the same day? [closed]

Can anyone explain to me how Italy was able to announce 651 COVID-19 deaths at 5:30 PM local time? How does the toll work? Isn't a "daily death toll" supposed to be from midnight to midnight? Best ...
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What would be the benefits of requiring representatives to publish all official letters and correspondence?

Would a population benefit from a requirement that all elected representatives publish their administrative correspondence, i.e. all emails from one civil servant to another? What would be the costs ...
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Do freedom-of-information laws increase corruption?

That's the general conclusion of a 2007 study: It has been argued that greater transparency is needed to reduce corruption. One way of increasing transparency is through the adoption of Freedom ...
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US Government software and the Freedom of Information Act

Is code written by the United States Government (its employees, or if for some reason we start electing a Code Czar... then elected officials) subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? ...
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