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Questions about freedom of movement across borders. This tag may be used in relation to the free movement of people, goods, services, labour, etc.

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Why does China stress the importance of people-to-people exchanges between China and the U.S.?

The agreement reached between the top leaders of China and the US during their meeting in San Francisco on promoting people-to-people exchanges is of great significance. There were corresponding ...
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Are there examples of visa-free travel agreements between countries that have no mutual extradition agreements whatsoever?

I imagine that lack of extradition treaties is somewhat of a hindrance for establishing visa-free travel between countries, on the argument that if (potential) criminals can enter freely (and then do ...
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10 answers

What are the means Russia uses to prevent emigration out of Russia? Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 300,000 Russian citizens and residents are ...
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2 answers

Are Chinese citizens allowed to move freely in and out of free trade zones?

Are Chinese citizens allowed to move freely in and out of free trade zones in China? I heard they can't while foreigners such as tourists from the U.S. can. If this claim is true, why is it so hard to ...
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14 answers

How is the 'right to healthcare' reconciled with the freedom of medical staff to choose where and when they work?

Medical staff consisting of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc... The reason for asking is because there doesn't seem to be any theoretical explanations reconciling these competing rights. (At ...
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In which countries can defense contractors be legally prevented from leaving the country, simply as a result of their employment?

Apparently that's the case in Russia. I imagine North Korea is on that list too. But are there some among the more liberal/democratic countries that can legally prevent a defense contractor (or ...
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Is there any international reaction on police violence in France?

On those holidays another round of anti-Covid protests took place in France: Protests were suppressed rudely, with police violence and water cannons. Is there any reaction from international ...
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1 answer

Why are American Juvenile Curfew Laws not Unconstitutional?

Many jurisdictions in the United States have curfew laws, which prohibit youth of a certain age (usually under 18) from being in public or in a business establishment during certain hours. Given the ...
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1 answer

Have governments’ restrictions on travel been supported by expert advice?

The WHO was largely opposed to travel restrictions to deal with COVID19. Many countries went ahead and imposed travel restrictions regardless. Did those countries base their travel restrictions upon ...
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2 answers

Is there data comparing between US regions the degree of social distancing as a function of the outbreak severity?

In Europe, such comparisons have been published based on data by Google, so I suspect it might available for the US too. E.g. An analysis here of smartphone location data by the U.S. search engine ...
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1 answer

Has the WHO said anything about travel restrictions since the end of February?

The WHO was against travel restrictions as they detailed in a press release at the end of February. But in the month past (March) practically every country on earth has instituted travel restrictions, ...
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2 answers

What measures has Romania taken to contain the returning diaspora?

News about Romania's COVID-19-driven, reverse diaspora: Over 200,000 Romanians who worked abroad have returned to the country since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, with many of them coming ...
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4 answers

Why would low-skilled British workers go to Sydney and Melbourne (in large numbers)?

News from earlier this month The Australian government has turned down the UK’s offer of a post-Brexit trade agreement that included visa-free work and travel between the two countries. Trade ...
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0 answers

What are the (bidirectional) flows of skilled workers between Australia and the UK, presently?

In relation to an Australian statement that there would be "brain drain" from Australia to the UK should a visa-free worker system be adopted between the two countries... Surely, both Australia and ...
5 votes
2 answers

Is intra-EU movement/migration of EU/EUAA citizens a sizeable contributor to illegal work?

French president Macron has recently caused controversy with his contrast of extra-EU legal immigration and intra-EU illegal movements of EU/EUAA people: Last week, the right-wing French magazine ...
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1 answer

Why does the EU-Turkey customs union not violate the single market principle?

In the Brexit negotiations the EU has rejected the British wish of being part of the single market but without free movement of people. Such a partial free market could lead to unfair competition and ...
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8 answers

What prevents a US state from colonizing a smaller state?

Blue state California has a huge population, 39.5 million and urban rents are high. There are 130k homeless people. New York State has another 90k homeless people. Red state Wyoming has only 500k ...
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3 answers

Were the British always among the most skeptical about free movement of people in the EU?

... or did they become this way only after the EU enlargement in Central and Easter Europe (after the fall of the Iron Curtain)? If there's a need to back up the premise of the question... here's a ...
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1 answer

Freedom of movement directive after a hard Brexit

Would the freedom of movement directive automatically cease to apply to the UK after a hard Brexit or is some sort of parliamentary action necessary for that?
64 votes
15 answers

Why do dictators ban their people from traveling?

I grew up in a country where we were not allowed to leave/travel to an other country even when we were able to do so – we had the resources and dual nationality. After two decades I still can't ...
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2 answers

Why is it so hard to obtain gay marriage recognition at EU level?

According to this article two men who got married in 2010 and attempted to move to Romania realized that their marriage cannot be recognized: Romanian LGBT activist Adrian Coman and his American ...
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2 answers

Why don't all developed countries sign freedom of labor agreements between each other?

In general, states try to restrict the movement of foreign labor because immigrants are seen as "taking jobs" from locals. However why cannot states with similar wage levels sign agreements to allow ...
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1 answer

Can Austria deny non-Austrian EU citizens from taking a job?

According to this article, Austria's chancellor said that EU citizens should be barred from taking jobs if a qualified Austrian has applied to the same position [..] accused east European nations ...