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Questions tagged [freedom-of-religion]

Questions about the principle of freedom of religion, which guarantees the right of an individual or group to practice a religion or belief system of their choice.

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Is there conclusive evidence for Western society’s human rights accusations against China, especially in Xinjiang? [closed]

I noticed the previous human rights accusations in Xinjiang, and when I checked the relevant Wikipedia entries, I found that key statements seemed to lack evidence, such as "incarcerated more ...
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Why are Ahmed Deedat's books banned in France?

According to Wikipedia, the books of the late Muslim preacher Ahmed Deedat are banned in France. This is surprising given that France is a democracy and book bannings are not supposed to be features ...
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What's the factual basis for the USCIRF recommendation to blacklist India, and why is the White House disagreeing with that recommendation?

VOA reported in August 2023 US Official Calls Religious Intolerance in India 'Frightening' [...] "India has done better in the past and has to change course because the cycle of downward spiral ...
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UK allegiance oath - Is there a secular alternative?

It has been proposed that at the Coronation, the "general public" will be "invited" to swear an oath which takes the form "I swear that I will pay true allegiance to your ...
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How does Ret. US Supreme Court Justice Breyer propose to "...decide cases in a way that will prevent social discord stemming from religion"?

In CNN's September 26, 2022 excerpt from Who's Talking to Chris Wallace Ex-Supreme court justice visibly emotional discussing Roe v. Wade reversal, Retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says: ...
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What are the specifications of Texas's new motto law?

Texas has a new law requiring public schools to display "In God We Trust" posters if donated. What are the specifications of an item that would be required for mandatory display? I've seen ...
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What are major reasons behind giving legitimacy to religions & religious practices

Almost all major democracies have freedom of belief, faith and worship under the overall religious freedom. Some religions include controversial practices such as caste hierarchy, circumcision, ...
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How did Russia suddenly change from being an atheist country to being a Christian country?

I know that religious faith is a personal thing, some people have a stronger faith than others, and for some people religion is more a matter of cultural identity than personal conviction. Also how ...
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Can you be an avowed atheist in Iran?

It seems that, at least as recently as 2014, Iran had a death penalty for apostasy. But apostasy isn't non-belief. In fact, that charge seems to be a rather contextual matter. In this Guardian story ...
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Is Israel prejudiced against Jews that are atheists?

From this answer, (emphasis added by me) Whether a Jew can cease being Jewish is a controversial topic. In the eyes of the Israeli state it is possible, but probably requires a religious conversion. ...
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Is there evidence of on-going legislation specifically targeting Muslims in France?

In 2004, France banned wearing conspicuous religious symbols in schools. In particular, this bans the Muslim headscarf, the Jewish kippah, and the Sikh turban. The turban has now been exempted as ...
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Is freedom of expression more important than religious sensitivities? [closed]

Charlie Hebdo is planning to republish the blasphemous cartoons of Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and when the Fresh president Emmanuel Macron was asked whether he will condemn this action, he categorically ...
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Does the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom work to prevent violation of or improve religious freedom in the US?

According to the official website of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission, the first of its ...
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Is there a list of countries (by year) that received a lesser State Department CPC/SWL designation relative to the USCIRF tier recommendation?

USCIRF is a federally mandated commission which is partly appointed by Congress and partly by the President. One of the main jobs of the Commision is to tier countries based on their religious freedom....
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Freedom of religion in the US Congress

After watching the movie The Unbelievers, I got the impression that atheists are not accepted in the US Congress. Are atheists allowed in the US Congress or not?
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